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Thoughts From My Notes App



Thoughts From My Notes App

Caitlin Rance

Where everyones most intimate thoughts reside


Is it okay if I be gooey with you real quick? I'm asking to no one in particular.

I'm eating peanut butter straight from the jar looking out onto my street

We're THE definition of creepy

Friday, 80 degrees. Peachy.

Places to go: Mexico City

Is It normal for me to want to cry when I listen to the depression cherry album as I drive on the highway? 

What you want is coming and watch how fast It comes

Maybe this is where things get interesting..where things get good because I'm doing something that scares me.

Test on India

Hello World


You've got a fast car

I could probably cry so much I'd fill up the whole Atlantic Ocean

October 29th 2016. Completely & Utterly Lost

New York Times Best Bitch

Birds of Tokyo - Lanterns

Punch me in the face

Homework: Study for fghjkl

Almond milk, honey, peanut butter, apples, spinach, granola, bananas

It keeps going on and on and on and on and ongnndgknkngajfgnrjglwbgj


L-train boy

She's a day dream in the Summer

Google ingredients for vegan banana bread

Ocean eyes