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November 9th



November 9th

Caitlin Rance

This past Wednesday it was decided via electoral vote that Donald Trump would be our president.  I went to bed the night before hoping and praying that I would wake up to our first female president. I was so sure that things would turn around for Hillary Clinton, that I went to bed fairly early instead of staying up to see the results. I woke up then on November 9th to texts from friends, and social media alerts notifying me of my worst fears. Never in my life have I been more unsure of our world, my future, and the future of my fellow LGBTQ, Muslim, PoC, and sisters before. The moment where I feel we went wrong, and continue to go wrong is by continuing this act of selfishness when it comes to politics. Though I may hold stronger opinions on politics than others, never has there been a time where the abundance of knowledge is so easily accessible. All it has taken for me to be instantly in fear and opposition of the elect president is to have a social media account, empathy, and an understanding of common sense. There has to come a time, when we realize that the United States is not a country filled with white people only. Rather, we are a country filled with so much diversity it makes me heart swell. On Tuesday people voted for a candidate who does not represent the American peoples ideals or American people for that matter. Racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and hate (among many others) is not what this country is. When we have a majority of america protesting the next elect president, there is an issue. When news stories come up almost instantly of hate crimes directed towards trans lives, and people of color, there is an issue. When you decide that someone who causes this type of uproar isn't that scary to you because it won't affect you in your personal life, there is an issue and advise you to educate yourself.

 If you voted for Trump, understand this is what you've supported, and continue to support.

I hope right now there is a young woman out there preparing for the 2020 elections.

I cannot wait to campaign for you.