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Manifestation: My Experience + A How-To



Manifestation: My Experience + A How-To

Caitlin Rance

jeans & a tee

I’m not an expert, that I can tell you with great confidence. However, I’ve experienced enough and reaped the benefits so many times that it seems cruel to not share.

The first time I remember realizing the universe had my back, I was lying in bed thinking back to every major moment in my life. Good and bad. I thought back to my freshman year of high school, and how lonely it had been for a while. I then thought about my photography class I took during that tough year, and how much solace I found within that class. Little would I know how much it would prepare me to be able to transfer to an art school during my junior year which was practically unheard of. (I later found out I was the only junior to get in.)

 As lonely as that first year was, my mood always picked up when I was in that class. I truly believe that me putting all my good and positive energy into that class moved me onto a specific track of life. If I hadn’t taken that class, I probably wouldn’t have realized how much I love to create and how much that alone would affect my future.

I thought about my freshman year of college. If you know me personally then you know how weird that year was for me. But through that time, I met and made some of the best friends I know in life. Shout out to ya'll! You know who you are 👀❤️

These are two specific moments in my life that I know I was meant to go through because I came out on the other side a completely different (+ better) person. 

This is an exercise I practice often. If you can look back at tough moments in your life and see the light that was at the end of that tunnel, you’ll find a lesson in every experience. You’ll understand the universe always had your back, and had way bigger plans for you.

So now let’s get to manifestation. Once you’re able to notice these weird yet magical experiences that were meant to be, but also understand the universe does not owe you anything, you can manifest the things in your life that are not necessarily meant to be, but can be if you ask and want it enough.

From that moment forward, I started to try and find the light in every experience. If I could recognize that every day, every moment was an opportunity to better myself and to enjoy the ordinary that is life itself, in return the universe could get me to where I yearned to be.

Last year, I want to say at the beginning of March I started my search for a Summer internship. I spent the last Summer at home working. I was bored out of my mind but knew it was necessary, plus I made some good money. However, this Summer I knew deep down it had to be different. I knew there was an adventure out there that was calling my name, and if I searched and believed enough, I would get that adventure. I had to have applied to over 50 internships during the months between March and April. The only responses I seemed to get were, “this position has been filled, but we’ll keep your information on file if another position opens up.” Those emails became a constant, and the notification under ‘important’ in my email became scarier and scarier to look at.

I remember driving home from Miami on the phone with a friend crying about why life could be so cruel. Very much a woe is me moment. Nothing had seemed to go my way the past year, and this Summer was supposed to be the thing that shook things up.  

There was moment, it must have been my 39th rejection when I realized enough was enough. I wasn’t going to feel sad for myself, and I wasn’t going to doubt my value-especially for a job that was most likely going to be unpaid. So one week, I grabbed my journal and wrote down everything I hoped to achieve during that Summer. I was going to get lost in Chinatown, I was going to eat the best food at midnight, and I was going to meet the best people. I was going to have an internship within a field I enjoyed, and I was going to have the best Summer. I wrote all of this down. Then for the rest of the week I only pictured myself in New York. I woke up every day with a positive and hopeful mindset. I told myself every day that everything was going to fall into place. And guess what? It did.

I was working out at the gym one night when I had a feeling I should check my email. I had refrained from doing so for a bit-for reasons we’re all aware of now. But something told me to check it, so I did.

There, nestled between some emails from here and there was one email that sealed my fate for the Summer. I had gotten an internship, and just needed to reply when I was available and for how long. In that moment, I understood what people meant when they said their world stopped. Now, of course to many this may not have seemed like a huge deal, but to me it was. It didn’t have to work out, but it did.

With all good things though are some bumps in the road. I had secured an internship, and like clockwork close friends did as well, meaning I’d spend a summer in the city with the best people. There was just one issue. I had no place to live for those two months. When that realization hit that I’d be leaving in 2 weeks with no place to call home, the anxiety started to seep in. Surely, there was no place I’d find for a decent price this late in the game, right?

When apartment and dorm searches lead to nowhere, it was after a 3am life crisis that I shut my laptop and decided my fate was in the universes hands. “Everything will fall into place.” And guess WHAT? It did!

I found a dorm on Friday, and secured it with two friends Saturday.

Now lets get to something more recent. For a while now I’ve always known I wanted to study abroad. Though it scared (and still does) the shit out of me to be so far away and on my own, I knew this would be a life changing experiencing, and one that could align my path in a way that in ten years I'd look back and say if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t be here.

I applied, and did all the necessary paperwork which months in advance. I was (so I thought) totally prepared. Only during the first week of school did I realize *cue narrator voice*,"She in fact was not."

I found myself on a three person waitlist for a highly popular program and the chances of getting into this program were slim to none.

I wanted to give up. I didn’t want to put all my energy into hoping for something that most likely was not going to work in my favor. But if there’s anything I learned, it's that if there’s something you really want, you’ll get it. So I did what I had done before and wrote down what I wanted.

I wrote down that I’d be going to London in the Spring. I wrote down that I’d meet amazing people, that I’d see amazing art, and I’d have the most life changing experience ever. I then visualized myself in London. I visualized everything I’d do, and the memories I make.

In one last chance of hope, I emailed the director of the program asking to see if there was any status update. Had I moved up the ladder? Did someone decide they’d rather go to Paris? Could I convince someone that they love Berlin more?  

 “I’ll know more next week” The director replied.

But how all things seem to go, next week came and no email.I vented this confusion and frustration to my dad, to which he replied, “Just email again until you know for sure. Sometimes you have to keep asking until you get the answer you want.

So with that in mind, I sent an email during a class break-not expecting much.

That was Wedensday afternoon.

On Friday morning I got an email that made me want to throw my phone across the room, climb to the highest mountain, and just scream as loud as I could.


This didn’t have to happen. Frankly, it shouldn’t have happened. But it did. IT DID!

I didn’t have to get an internship. I could have easily found myself at home again if I allowed myself to set my mind on that and give up. I could’ve let myself have panic attacks about finding housing, if I allowed myself to. I could easily be spending my Spring semester at home, a place I’m too familiar with. But there are bigger plans for me, because I wished them into existence.

The world has a weird way of working itself out. Think back to every situation that didn’t have to work out the way it did. What if you missed that flight, didn’t go to said school, didn’t take said job, didn’t go to said party, didn’t say hi to that one person…think of how different your life could be.

Recognize those moments and take them for the magical things they are.

If you're not happy with your life, there are things you can do to improve it. Of course everyones situation is different-nothing is as easy as we wish it could be. However, you'd be surprised how much things can improve with a change in mindset. What can you do right now to make your day/night/afternoon/morning better? 

jeans & a tee

1.   Come into this experience with a positive, believing and hopeful attitude. You will not receive anything if you’re not trusting of the universe, and you will definitely not receive anything if you constantly thrust negative energy out into the world every day. I know it can be hard sometimes, but you must find the positivity and light in the ordinary.

2.     Get a journal and write. Write down everything that happened to you. Write about what made you cry three years ago, and write about what   made you laugh five minutes ago. Write about who you love, and who you don’t. Once you’ve gotten everything out of your mind and onto paper, flip the page and make a list.

3.     This list is going to be everything you want in life. Now let’s be clear on one thing, don’t write down “I want a million dollars” and expect it on your doorstep. Sure, later down the road you could come into some money, but it won’t be tomorrow. Instead, write down things deep down you yearn for. Is it love? Is it connection with another? Is it getting into a program? Is it securing a job? If it could potentially be your reality, make it happen. Write down everything.

4.     After you’ve written down your list close your eyes and picture yourself living the reality you’ve written down. If there’s a specific class you wanted to get into for school picture yourself learning that material. Picture yourself sitting in the class and having a discussion. If there’s a job you want, picture yourself at that job. A part of manifestation is visualizing yourself in the reality you yearn for.  If you can do this, and believe that this can be your reality, and I mean truly believe it and know that you deserve it, you can make it happen.

5.     Now that you’ve written down your list and visualized it, put your faith in the hands of the universe and trust that you will get all that you want in time. It’s all about the energy that you put into the world now. Find the light in everything and refuse to let the negativity worm its way into your mind. Take a moment every day to breath, write, and just be with yourself. A better you is coming.

6.     Every day, try to become more aware and present of your surroundings. The universe will leave little hints here and there that let you know something is brewing. Whether it be a butterfly that flutters on by, a good grade on a test you weren't expecting, someone you haven’t spoken to in a while that texts you. These are all tiny hints that if you’re willing to acknowledge, will aid in your manifestation process.

7.     Over time, you will slowly start to see the things in life that come true that you wrote down. You will get that job, you will meet that person, you will live the life you so desire. In a month from writing down your list, check back and see what's manifested into your life. Have you met the person you visualized yourself meeting? Did you get the job? 

Manifestation is not a simple process. It requires work from both sides, and if you’re willing to do that work, you will get everything you want.

Songs to guide

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manifestation journey 

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or send an email ☺︎

I wanna know what you've manifested!