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Journal Prompt 4: What Did You Accomplish This Week?



Journal Prompt 4: What Did You Accomplish This Week?

Caitlin Rance

With the beginning of every week my heart almost always skips a beat at everything I have to do during the week. It sometimes feels like there's absolutely no way I'll be able to survive those five days but alas, I always make it out on the other side. For today's journal prompt, lets reflect back on what we've accomplished this past week. It doesn't have to be something insane, because the small things we accomplish always add up. 

Here's mine:

Spoke to my teacher about a upcoming deadline

did a face-mask

ate breakfast every morning

took my supplements

emailed people back

shaved my legs

sort of organized my closet

started an essay

wrote down some goals

studied for a quiz

studied for a test (and felt prepared)

read my book

For your journal prompt, write down what you've accomplished. It can be as long or as short as you want. Maybe you only accomplished one thing this past week and if that's the case that's fine! We have to be gentle with ourselves and remember to recognize all the things we do (small or large) because life can be rough.