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Journal Prompt 2: It was Love



Journal Prompt 2: It was Love

Caitlin Rance


It's Friday! Which means an all new journal prompt. This week were focusing on love. What do you love? It can be anything and everything.

Here's mine: 

1: Hot coffee right when I wake up

2: A cozy bed after a long day

3: Rediscovering songs I fell in love with 5 years ago

4: Talking to old friends

5: Making new ones

6: Friday night dinners

7: Jumping into a pool and sitting at the bottom where everything is completely quite and calm

8: Developing film

9: Breakfast

10: The color yellow

11: Laughing so hard my stomach aches

12: Receiving validation on something that wasn't a sure thing 

13: Looking up and seeing a completely blue sky

14: Moments during a concert where you close your eyes and get completely lost

15: Pom-Poms

16: Playing records while it rains

17: Digging my toes in the sand

18: Getting lost in a good book

19: Tangerines

20: The feeling of the sun on my skin after coming out of a cold building

21: New York City in the Summer

What do you love?

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