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So Long 2016



So Long 2016

Caitlin Rance


There's this weird sigh of relief now that it's in the past. Though 2016 holds some of the best memories I have, it also holds some of my worst. Like any year that passes however, we learn, we grow, and we move on. In 2016 I launched this blog ( ^^ happy birthday baby,) I saw The Strokes & The Killers live, traveled on my own, and finished my first year of college. In 2016 I also realized how completely lost I could get, that the passions I once thought I wanted to pursue I actually didn't, and that I'm completely and totally a warm weather girl. As I start to think, this year had to happen the way it did to shape me as a person. I'll definitely thank this year in the future (I think.) 

Here are my New Years Resolutions

Meditate as often as you can

Take needed space from social media as often as you can

Take photos everyday 

Less focus on others and more on yourself

Read a new book as often as you can

Take up running again (it helps to receive stress & anxiety)

Limit the amount of overthinking (everything will be okay)