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How To Survive A Music Festival

Caitlin Rance

Earlier this week, Monday to be exact, I got back from my first legit music festival in NYC. Governors Ball is held on an island for 3 short and sweet days, and although the last day was gut wrenchingly cancelled, I had a ball the other 2.

Of course throughout this two day music affair I learned some hard but great lessons that will lead me on a path of happy endings at many future festivals to come! Here they are as followed:

1. Pick your shoes wisely. There's nothing worse then seeing your ultimate band fave performing right in frot of your own two eyeballs and thinking about how much your feet hurt. Beauty is pain but pain hurts-a lot. 

2. Always try to go with something light and airy & Try to stay away from layering. Festivals happen in the Summer and i the Summer it gets hot (not sure if you were aware, I too just remembered this). Though of course you want your outfit to be everything and more, you're going to hate having to carry a layer or two when you get overheated or rained on. Less is more, and the less you have to carry the better you are to dance!

3. Pick some awesome, crazy, glittery sunglasses and keep them with you for the duration of the festival. You will be so happy you remembered.

4. Always choose a backpack over a cross-body. You can hold more things and its easier to dance with! Just remember to be aware of your surroundings and make sure your backpack is closed at all times.

5. bring at least 2 portable batteries with you! Though it sucks our phones are still apart of our festival experiences, what's the point in having a phone if it's dead? No Fun! So bring some backups.

6.Take a film camera with you. Some cheap options include Kodak ad Fuji, and you can buy them at your local drugstore. Film cameras give you the best nostalgic looking memories for an experience that will feel very nostalgic even just mere hours after. 

7. Try to set aside a bit of cash to spend on food and merch. Everything is at least 2x's more expensive then you're used to so prepare to spend.

8. Bring hair ties! This isn't the real world anymore honey! Everyone for themselves! So make sure you have your own backup hair tie at the ready for your sweaty locks!

9. Always check the weather beforehand. If it seems like it's going to rain bring a rain coat that is easy to wrap up and put in a bag. Theres nothing worse then being completely soaked and cold at a festival you payed lots of $$ for. 

10.brig a ziplock bag for all your electronics. Even if you think your bag is waterproof, it's not. Be smart & safe and take the ziplock bag!

11. DO put on sunscreen You will 100% burn so why not be sun safe and protect that beautifu skin! 

12. If the festival offers an app, download it before you attend. The app will have typically have a map of the festival, all the stages, the schedule of the acts, and activities going on. Not only does it make it easier to plan out your day, but if you're with a large group you'll be able to get a good visual of where everyone will be at a certain time!

13.Bring a water bottle. If your festival is cool, then they will have a water refilling station so you wont have to spend money on water and stay hydrated!

14. If your festival operates via wristband, when you receive you wristband in the mail DO NOT pull the plastic piece to tighten it. Not only will you not be able to un-tighten it, but waiting in the line to replace it the day of the festival is not fun and you WILL miss an act you really wanted to see. @ Years & was not nice hearing you from the other side of the fence.

15. DO bring hand sanitizer