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I've been a little MIA lately..

Caitlin Rance

Hello there! If you're reading this then I can assume you're a fan of this blog. Maybe you've even been with me since the beginning. and in that case, I love you, I love you, I do.

 The Summer has begun and it's been a bit wild. A couple new things have happened in my life and I realized I should document them as so on this blog. In a way this is kind of like a life update. I hope to do these often. 

So back to the being MIA. I've got a job! No it's not glamorous, but what can a girl do? I kind of fell into it towards the end of the school year and started right when I got home from college. Though it's been a bit consuming, I've realized how important it is to have a job. Seriously, adults weren't lying for a chance. 

My parents had always nagged me about needing to get ready to start looking for jobs as I got older. Being very lucky and aware of my privilege, I knew me getting a job wasn't to contribute my paycheck to the household, but to understand the importance and responsibility of having a job.  I didn't want to recognize the fact that it was time to start taking responsibility and growing up, but alas all good things do come to an end at some point. 

If you have yet to have an actual 9-5 low paying job, I urge you to get one. Even if it's only for a short amount of time, I promise you that you will be so much more aware and grateful for everything you have. You'll also be able to have something very important and powerful as a young adult, and that is independence. We live in a very crazy world, let alone during a very wild time. If you follow this blog then I'm sure you have many dreams, aspirations, and goals. You also probably value the power of fashion, art, music, and film. Though my parents have always supported those loves of mine, as I hope your parents do for you as well, I've realized my love dives deeper than just reblogging pictures on Tumblr, and liking photos on Instagram .

As you grow up you recognize your passions. In my case, I would like to travel the world, spend more time in the cities I've been privileged enough to experience when I was younger, buy this amazing Gucci pink fur coat I've eyed since my junior year of high school, and hopefully start a company of my own that encompasses all of my passions. But what does this all require? $$$

In order to achieve all these dreams I have, getting a job and earning my own money has been a major step in the direction I want to go in. Though as much as I would like to live in a rose-tinted world, where everything comes to me at the drop of a hat, I realize life doesn't work like that for the majority of us. 

If you want your dreams to become a reality, you have to work so hard that sometimes you would like to go to your room, lock the door, and cry. You have to work those annoying 9-5 jobs and even sometimes work a bit of over time. So is life. But stick with me on this. It's worth it.

When I'm a bit older, I'll be getting home from my job I love so much it hurts. It'll be my life and I'll be okay with that because if I'm doing something I love it won't feel like work. It'll feel like a never ending dream that I'm not ready to wake up from yet.

I'll be cleaning out my closet for the third time that month because I've just accumulated a bit too many YSL pieces, (LOL.) There will be bits and bobs everywhere because even though I have a closet with organizers galore, I'll still have a bit of my teenage self in me that doesn't know how to put back pieces that have a home. I'll be a bit tipsy off of some Moët that's been sent to me from Chanel (we worked together on a campaign that was insanely successful.)

I'll be getting ready to fall down in defeat because there is just too much and I want to curl up in something comfy and soft but wild nonetheless. And then I'll spot it. The Gucci pink fur coat I Coveted as a 17 year old in a climate that has and will always be one thing: Hot. I'll put down my glass and run to it like how those skeletons run to each other in The Killers music video: Human.

This makes everything worth it. 

If you have free time this Summer, get yourself a job.


xx Caitlin