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Caitlin Rance

IT'S SUMMER TIME! (Well almost) but either way, Summer is normally the time where we are free'd from a lot of responsibilities, and are able to do the things we've always wanted to do. In my case, I've always viewed Summer as the time to reinvent myself, and push my self one step closer to achieving a goal. This Summer isn't any different, so I figured I would let you all see my bucket list!

1. Take more photographs

2. Make more videos

3. Go out into the world & do things completely by myself

4. Read more

5. Restart my French on duolingo (download the app you wont regret it)

6. Buy more records

7. Redecorate my room

8. Save up money and plan a trip abroad

9. Meet a band at a festival

10. Meet new people

11. Clean out my closet

12. Go vegan

13. Continue to create content for Jeans & A Tee (hehe hi)

14. Go running

15. Learn to meditate

16. Go on more walks with my pup

17. Create more art

18. Immerse myself in nature

19. Get my fortune

20. Learn to play the piano

21. Dye my hair pink

22. Visit L Train Vintage


& THAT'S A WRAP! What's your Summer bucket list?