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Caitlin Rance

1. Create a list of all the things you need to do on paper. I know I know, we have everything on our phones and it's easier that way. Although I will be a full believer in technology till the day I die, I think in situations like this where you're stressed or have a lot to accomplish, writing things down and crossing them off is not only fulfilling, but a major stress reliever. 

2. Get over the idea that you get stuff done better when you're under stress therefore procrastinating. Test this theory by working little by little on whatever you need to get done, and reward yourself with a 15 minute break for whatever (set a timer so you stick to it) 

3. Get a snack to stay full so you can stay focused. I can't tell you how many times I seriously couldn't focus because the gnawing sense of hunger took me other places. Some options include carrots and hummus, raspberries, bananas, rice crackers with peanut butter, or a rice bowl. 

4. Schedule your day accordingly. If you know you have something with a deadline on Friday, and you also know you'll have a full day Thursday, try to break off a piece of the task for Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, so that way you're not staying up late.

5. Make your bed. I started making my bed everyday since I started college, and though this seems like such a simple task it has helped loads. I know how easy it is to get back into bed after going to class or running an errand, but by making your bed, it makes it not so easy. Another good aspect of making your bed is that it creates a sense of togetherness when everything else seems jammed up. 

6. Grab a speaker (or use your laptop/whatever device you have) and blast a good playlist. Spotify has specific playlists geared towards the mood you're in so you wont be scouring the platform for a good one, you'll just click click and find it. 

7. Put on a face mask while working. Were often so busy we don't have time for simple skin care, and by the time it comes to the end of the day, all we wanna do is throw on some sweatpants and call it a night. Give your skin some lovin' and slap on that mask! It's multi-tasking at its finest.

8. Make sure you turn on all the light power you got. You want to be awake and focused. This wont work if you're in a dark room. (shout out to all my photographers)

9. Figure out the best place to get things done. I happen to be someone who needs to be in their room to get things done that require me either being on my laptop or doing classwork. Maybe you happen to be the type of person that needs to get out. Regardless find what works for you and stick to it.

10. WORK OUT! Stressed? Have anxiety? WORK IT OUT! Although running is my favorite stress reliever, any type of cardio works. And yes I mean cardio, not yoga. Although yoga is SUCH a good work out, I fully believe you need to work yourself up to work everything out. You will feel so much better after.

11. Post-it Notes are your friend. Write something down you know you need to remember and slap it on your bathroom door, on your phone, by your keys, whatever works. (this also kind of works like the list)

Remember nothing is more important than you and your mental health. If things get too crazy, take  a step back, take a sip of water, and breathe. Theres always a way to get something done, so don't fret. Try some of these tips of and maybe something will work for you!