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Caitlin Rance

HAPPINESS: a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. 

It feels so so good to feel happy, to be happy, and to have happiness. Often though, it's hard to find that state especially at such a young age. If you're one of the lucky ones who has found happiness, then maybe you're wondering how you'll carry it into the rest of your life as you grow older. 

I've often struggled with this idea of happiness because sometimes you'll have days so bad that it make the rest of your upcoming days seem the same. Obviously this isn't true, but it feels like it in the how do you get out of this negative mindset and on your way to happiness? Well the first thing is realizing you can't follow set instructions and arrive at Happiness avenue. (If you were looking for this easy way out then unfortunately this wont be the article for you, I apologize) If you've realized achieving happiness is possible but not easy and are willing to go through that journey, then continue reading!

1. Realize everything is temporary. This includes good and bad. 


3. Don't be afraid to dress the way you want to. Once you realize that all of the time spent on worrying what others will think of you if you wear those mom jeans with the cool patches, or the floral dress and boots channeling your inner Stevie Nicks, is a waste..the quicker you'll embrace yourself for all of the things that make you, YOU.

5.Embrace the bad nights. All this is telling you is that you're human, and are able to feel all sorts of emotions. Remember you aren't alone, and in fact, millions of other people are probably going through the exact same thing you are (this is the one instant where you aren't as unique as you thought you are, sorry again)

6. Plan things to do in the near future. I happen to be a huge music lover, so in my case, I've been lucky enough to choose two music festivals to attend with friends each respectively in the spring and summer. By being able to plan these out, it allowed me to have something to look forward to while I face all the stresses of school. So anytime I'm having a bad day, I can remember I'll be able to finally see The Strokes live. No bad days can measure up to THAT!

8. Loving yourself. This is the trickiest one in my opinion, because everyday is different. Somethings that have made me second guessed every time I've thought negatively about myself is that I'm an insane scientific creation (so are you). Look at your legs! Those things have helped you navigate all around, your arms have allowed you to pick up and lift the heaviest of things and hold the ones you love, your hands have created amazing things, that smile of yours has lifted someones spirits up when they've been going through a bad day. Realize how amazing you and your body are!

2. Embrace YOU. There is only one of you. Only one of you who can do that weird thing with your legs, loves the smell of Viva La Juicy, cries when they think of Leonardo Dicaprio, gets anxious on flights but loves to travel, wishes they could wear fur coats all the time, and thinks over things too much. Love all of those things about YOU. 

4.  Find your inner optimist and embrace the Universe. I'm a full believer in everything happening for a reason. Maybe not so much in spilling your coffee because you didn't make your bed...but more so in the fact that the place your in right now is where you're meant to be at that very moment. Realize that every situation you're put in is/has taught you something. It's so insanely important to find the learning lessons in everything. This will help you to grow. Also try to realize how vast the universe is..and the fact that you were put on this crazy planet at a specific time. There are no such things as coincidences.

7. Do you have a dream? What's stopping you? Theres absolutely no excuse to not achieving your dreams. Sitting around wont achieve them, so make a list of all the things that interest you. Love photography but don't own a camera? Try to find a job over the Summer that'll help you buy a camera, even if it's the shittiest camera you can afford. Start somewhere. Love fashion? Find an internship. Love Youtube? Start to make your own videos. How do you think everyone in the positions you want to be in got their job? They worked hard and didn't let anything stop them. You can do it, and you will do it.

9. BE PRODUCTIVE. Not having anything to do and sitting around is the last thing you want to do. When this happens, it allows all those negative thoughts to start entering your mind. When you're productive, your mind is engaged, you're moving your body, and you're distracted from all the negativity. So even if this means cleaning your room, going for a run, making your lunch for the next day, or kickstarting your homework a bit early.

10. Less thinking about what others think and more thinking about what you think and what you want. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what anyone thinks but YOU. It's your life, and the sooner you realize that, the more happy you will be.

So far these are all the tips that have been helping me to come to a better state of positivity and happiness. Hopefully some of these tips will help you as well.