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19 Things I learned At 19



19 Things I learned At 19

Caitlin Rance

19 copy.png

1. Try to live in the present as much as possible. These days, right now, in this moment, are the good times. Not tomorrow Not yesterday, now. Cherish your time wherever you are right now, make the most of everything you have, and crack a smile or two.

2. Spend your money on experiences, not things. Those will last way longer than anything material. You'll always have something to look back on, and your life will be filled with more meaning than any shoe or bag could give you.

3. Spend as much time as you can with your parents. Skip that party for dinner with your mom, hang out with your dad on that Saturday. They won't be here forever, and as you get older, so do they. 

4. Try to spend less time disliking yourself and more time love love loving yourself. Your body does so many amazing things, thank it for doing so everyday through self-care. Whether it be a face mask, a bath, treating yourself to a smoothie, or saying positive affirmations in the mirror in the morning. Your self will love you for it and thank you everyday.

5. You'll never be that girl on Instagram, the girl on the magazine, or the girl in the movie. No matter how much you spend on clothing, how many videos you watch, it'll never happen. Why is being you so bad anyway?  The quicker you realize how amazing and unique it is to be you the better your mindset will be. There is only ONE YOU!

6. Learn & practice the art of not giving a fuck. Use this when it comes to your passions, what you wear out, how you act, your values, and everything else in between. 

7. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Though it's important to not let people control how you feel, if you do have some sad days, don't beat yourself up about them and dig yourself into a deeper hole. Sometimes you're just gonna have sad days. For no reason. At all. ☹

8. Try to learn a new thing as often as possible. Whether it be playing the ukulele, painting, photography, writing, etc. Better to be one with many skills than one with no skills at all. You don't even have to be good at them!

9. Do the things that scare you. Seriously. 

10. Sometimes, more than often, a couple of good friends is entirely better than a bunch of kind of friends not really. 

11. Spend time with yourself. This is so important. Go to the cafe by yourself, go to the beach by yourself, take a drive by yourself. Hanging out with yourself is a must

12. UNPLUG. Your anxiety is coming from social media & technology. Try to pick up a book more often than your phone.

13. Do the hard things. It is so worth it in the end. Nothing good comes to those who took shortcuts or the easy way out. You'll understand this soon.

14. Some things happen for people at certain times in their lives. Just because it happened to them at one point doesnt mean it also needs to happen for you. Your time will come, and the universe has a weird way of making things happen at the perfect time for you. 

15. When one door closes another will open. I swear! You have a plan and some things are just not meant to happen. Think about it ☺︎

16. Everything you've ever dreamed of IS out there, but it never hurts to ask for help. When you ask, you shall receive. 

17. Friday nights with a face mask on are a must. Schedule one in right now. 

18. Write down everything. What you did, who you saw, how you felt, everything. 

19. Take as many photos of yourself, your friends, your room, your surroundings, your dog, the blue sky, (literally anything) as you can. 

*20. (This is an extra special one I'm hoping to take with me into my 20's)

Focus on the positivity instead of the negativity. The energy you put out into the world DOES come back to you. If you spit out negativity, you get back negativity. As long as you believe everything will work out for you and maintain a positive mindset even in hard, questioning times, the Universe will have your back. 


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