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21 things I learned at 21

Caitlin Rance

Another birthday, another trip around the sun, another confirmation that I can, in fact, do hard things.

Here’s what I learned after 21 years of life:

  1. You’d be surprised of the things you can accomplish when you really just believe in yourself.

  2. Europe is always a good idea.

  3. To-do lists are your friend. They keep you accountable plus they’re so satisfying to cross off.

  4. When it come’s to making decisions that will directly impact you, always think about yourself first, others second.

  5. Taylor Swift is great. Stop going on private sessions on Spotify and embrace her.

  6. You will find your friend group, tribe, people you want to spend time with…etc. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at first.

  7. You always think you don’t have enough time to accomplish things, to get to a certain place—but you do. Breathe.

  8. Comparison literally is the thief of joy! Who knew? I guess everyone but at least I learned it now. Put your horse blinders on and keep trucking.

  9. Stop stressing about things you can’t control (I know future Caitlin will probably still do this but everything works out so stop!)

  10. Spending your coins on trendy items is the WORST. Stop doing it sis.

  11. It’s okay to feel nervous about change. Lean into that fear and embrace it.

  12. You’ll probably feel lost and confused from time to time until you’re like, 65. It’s normal.

  13. You’ll never regret spending an hour reading.

  14. Nothing ever goes according to plan.

  15. Skipping your skincare routine is never a good idea. Sincerely pimples. And wrinkles.

  16. Becoming an early-morning person is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

  17. Take more time to get to know yourself. What do you like to do on the weekends? What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite song?

  18. An empty inbox feels so good. Unsubscribe from all the junk (this will also help you to stop spending money every other day on some puffy-sleeved blouse.)

  19. Write any time you can. Even if it’s for a minute. Even if you only have access to your notes app on your phone. Just write.

  20. Know your alcohol limit. Sloppy drunks aren’t fun!

  21. Show up.

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