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The Tie Dye Comeback


The Tie Dye Comeback

Caitlin Rance


Many of us associate the words tie-dye with two things: Summer camp and hippies—I associate it with utter and total chicness.

Fun Fact: Tie dye originally sprung up during the sixth century in India, Japan and many parts of Africa. There are a lot of styles of tie-dye—like Bandhani—which is the oldest tie-dye style that’s still practiced in India today.

jeans & a tee

The other day I was mulling around the garage (as one does) in search of some colorful string for a jewelry project I’ve been working on (as one does.) As I pushed and prodded through windshield wiper fluid and old ceramic vases, I came across some bags of old clothing.

I’m the absolute worse when it comes to old bags of clothing—which I know will be shipped off to a better home—because I always go through them to make sure nothing precious made it’s way in during the mad dash to become a minimalist on a random Sunday evening. Normally, nothing good ever comes from my raccoon-like searches. Except for this time. Upon rummaging through the bag, I came across a tie-dye shirt (probably from 2005) that had found its way into a to-go bag. I was horrified.

Although there’ve been many trends that have come and gone with little head turn from myself, tie-dye has seriously become the one fashion trend I’d gladly die on a hill for. I love tie dye. In that peak age of like 8-12, I was always game for tie-dye. It didn’t matter what type of clothing it was—socks, shorts, sweaters–I. Was. Game.

jeans & a teeeans & a tee
jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee

I can seriously picture myself right now. I’m plastered to the kitchen table at a camp friends house on a Tuesday afternoon. We’re bunching up a big white t-shirt with rubber bands ready to get splattered with shades of reds and yellows and blues.

There was seriously nothing like trying to busy myself for those 2 hours waiting and waiting to see what my masterpiece would look like…and when my masterpiece was finally done and I could actually wear it—I would wear it like nobodies business. I was colorful, and everyone (in my mind) was jealous.

Between the ages of 12-21, I retired my tie dye to pajama-wear only. The world was a different place then, but I still held hope of a colorful tomorrow—and that colorful tomorrow has come.

Tie-dye has officially begun to pop its head in on the pages of Vogue, Man Repeller, Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi—two sites I have no business purchasing from but do so anyway—and even Topshop.

A few months back when I read an article by Harling Ross on the tie dye comeback, I event went and made a ridiculous but needed purchase of this Proenza Schouler long-sleeve when it went on sale. I’m THAT game for tie dye.

So you may be wondering….how do I even incorporate tie dye into my closet without looking like I’m still reminiscing of my camp days?

Well my friends, I say just go for it. I don’t think there’s any other way to wear tie dye. You can clash with it, color coordinate with it—even buy a tie dye set…the limit truly does not exist.

I pulled a few of my favorite inspo looks of tie dye fashion at the moment which you’ve seen throughout this pieces, but I highly recommend you taking some outfit inspo for yourself for your next tie dye outfit.

I can’t wait to host a tie dye party—you’re all invited.


Shop Tie Dye Below!

jeans & a tee

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