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Summer 2018 Style Inspo Pt. I


Summer 2018 Style Inspo Pt. I

Caitlin Rance


Summer is hot and wet. Sticky juice constantly drips from your lips and stains the corners of your mouth as you bite into a mango or sweet sweet orange. There's absolutely nothing you would trade for this, even when you look down and see yet another orange spot that's dripped onto your white shirt. It's absolutely unbearable outside and you have a bikini top underneath—not that it would matter what you have underneath with temperatures raising up and up into the 90's—so you can strip off the now stained shirt and relish in the beating sun.   

I seldom think about fashion when it comes to Summer. Rather, I think about all the pieces I won't have to wear knowing I'll soon enough be melted down into a puddle of uncomfortable yet comfortable sweat. However, there is something nice about this season when it comes to fashion. Woven baskets and loose linen tops. Funky shades and short short skirts. 

Here's my current Summer style inspiration.