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Style Spotlight: Jeanne Damas


Style Spotlight: Jeanne Damas

Caitlin Rance

Jeanne Damas is our modern-day-token-French-cool-girl. I know. A lot to take in.

We've marveled the French for decades. Even the non Frenchies (CC Ms.Birkin.) Whether it be their fashion, lifestyle, or simple take on life, the French have basically made it clear that when it comes to looking effortlessly cool, they're in first place.

Rather than out with the old and in with the new, the French have found the perfect balance between old and new, while barely lifting a finger to puff on their cigarette. 

Jeanne is a perfect example of this, as she seems to have gotten the whole thing down quite well.

Jeannes origins can't really be traced back to one single moment. Rather, the continous moments filled with snaps of film cameras, and glasses of wine tossed back at parties is where Jeanne really came to be it seems. Of course this makes perfect sense though. She was and has always been the cool girl at the party.

Jeanne's blog, which is still available though it maybe not be as active as it once was, features grainy photos of parties in Paris, shopping trips to market stalls, and Jeanne in general looking effortlessly fabulous. 

As an obvious lover of style and Jeanne, I can't help but fall in love with the red lip, sunglasses, and blue denim. There is something so alluring, mysterious, and classic about the simplicity of it all. 

Jeanne has seemed to notice her fan-fare however. So, rather than having to seek out every piece Jeanne has stuffed into her closet,  her own online shop Rouje (how fitting right?) allows you to obtain her classic style with just one click!

From the coveted blue denim, to the simple yet flirty dress, Rouje has it all.