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Shopping in My Closet Pt III


Shopping in My Closet Pt III

Caitlin Rance


Another shopping in my closet!

Getting dressed now vs last year feels like an extremely different process. I've struggled a lot with my body, and have dealt with body dysmorphia in the past—something I've worked really hard to overcome. Although I definitely love beautiful, lovely, new items, I also know another portion of my shopping comes from items in my closet not fitting me the way they used to. My body has never stayed the same weight, or shape wise for a while. I've fluctuated a lot. So, getting dressed has never been the easiest part of my day. As I've worked to accept and love my body for what it is, I've pushed myself to really experiment in the sense of wearing clothes I do sometimes feel slightly self-conscious in. Now, when I say that, I don't mean to wear stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable in. Rather, I encourage you to wear the clothes you absolutely do feel comfortable in, but also the clothes you feel yourself in, regardless of what anyone may or may not think. Fashion is an extremely personal thing, but sometimes you really do have to fake it till you make it. In doing that, I at least feel like I've reclaimed my body, my confidence, and my don't-give-a-fuck-what-you-think attitude. I hope this all makes sense.

Will she ever figure out what to do with her face in photos though? 

Tune in next time to find out! 

TOP: Zara (similar)

Bottoms: & Other Stories

Shoes: ASOS (similar)

Earrings: Awoke Vintage

jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee