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Shopping in my closet


Shopping in my closet

Caitlin Rance

I'm convinced there's a void i'm trying to fill every time I press 'complete purchase' on another online order. And even after all those countless online orders, I still find myself sliding into the oncoming panic-attack-cry when I have to leave in 10 minutes, and still don't know what to wear. I know I'm not the only one, so I don't feel embarrassed including that. My mom constantly talks about shopping in her closet, and while I used to roll my eyes, the woman's got a point. It's hard to really know what you have because you can never truly see it all at once—unless you live an extremely minimalist lifestyle and have everything you own on an exposed clothing rack. Even still, I would argue that you're never 100% certain of what you own. So, in an effort to stop online shopping, become more conscious of what I own, and become overall more savvy with the outfits I put together, I'm pushing myself to start the 'shopping in my closet' series.

It's been so unbearably hot in Florida I've decided to pull out an old swim suit top and pair it with some culottes I got from Gap last summer.  I added some sandals I bought from Zara (last Summer as well!), and paired it with a semi-broken basket bag, and maybe the best heart earrings to ever be made (from Awoke Vintage). Oh, and my Quay sunnies. I think this is a cool look to wear to a Farmers Market or lunch with a friend! Add an optional linen button-up blouse or jean jacket for modesty.