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Winter Wear 2017


Winter Wear 2017

Caitlin Rance

Though it's hard to believe, Winter actually *just* started. I know. I'll give you a moment to collect your thoughts.

Though I absolutely despise the cold temperatures, I love the fashion! Because of this love, I've pulled together some of my favorite bits n bobs that will not only keep you comfy-cozy, but will also leave you looking chic from day to night. 

P.S. Click on the photos to shop them ☺︎

There's something so rich about brown faux fur. I've started to gravitate towards this color more rather than black. It's a little less harsh and more inviting. The color brings out the warm and golden tones in the jewelry you wear, your skin color, and aura. Have I lost anyone yet? Though I love love this one done by Pixie Market, the beauty about fur coats is that you can find them anywhere for any price. Though I recommend faux-fur, you can find some good ones at your local thrift store for a fraction of the price. Wahoo.

I love Doc Martens. Before making my first purchase,  I was always a bit nervous about getting my first pair because  though I loved the brand, I wasn't quite sure *I* could necessarily pull them off. Of course you probably know the rest of this story but long story short: After my first shiny patent pair I've been hooked. My eyes are currently on a pair of mary janes, but right behind them are these beauties. There's something so perfect about this aggressive boot paired with thick black ribbon instead of laces. Plus the platform makes you feel like some kooky grunge french school girl. 

I've seen puffer jackets everywhere lately, especially ones with no hood to accompany the jacket. Though of course hoods definitely serve a good purpose, if you're willing to part with it, you're golden. I absolutely love the street-sport-wear look of this jacket, and the fact that it's cropped is even better, especially if you're into high-waisted jeans like myself. For jackets like this, I recommend going for a color outside your comfort zone. Here are my color recs, you can thank me later: Blue, Red, Powder Pink, Yellow, Caramel.

I inserted this scarf in as I've just bought a similar one at Pacsun during their buy one get one deal (I couldn't resist.) I've never been into scarfs until this year, and now I want them all.  I really enjoy the classic Burberry plaid print, but wanted my own spin on it. This scarf is awesome because it not only dupes the Burberry look. This scarf will keep you so warm and also opens up to a really wide scarf so you can turn it into a shawl or comfy blanket on a plane or at a picnic. How chic! A scarf that does it all 

I love that 90's streetwear is still alive and strong. There's nothing like a good hoodie or tracksuit that puts me in the best mood ever. I really really love Champion because their brand isn't too much or too little. I always have this weird thing about wearing brands that have huge logos, because in a sense you're paying to be the companys advertisement (I know crazy, I learned about it in class.) Champion's logo has stayed consistent: small and to the point. 

The Gucci slippers are chic, to say the least. I'd pair these with some sparkly socks that hit right above you're ankle. 

This is an item a month ago I would choose to get in black, but this color is soooo YES. It literally goes with everything and is the most comfortable piece ever.

I've been looking for a baker boy hat EVERYWHERE, and ASOS sells the perfect one. I've never been a hat-wearer until recently, but it's like once I put one on, even though I feel a bit ridiculous I look great. I bet you appreciate my pure honesty. As you may know I love the 70's, so this baby will be donned upon this head all of this festival season!

Levi's are such a quality brand. You'll have these jeans in your closet forever. Though it's always necessary to have a good pair of blue and black denim in your closet, the washed out dark grey is such a great piece to have. You can easily dress these guys up or down, as they mix well with any color and material. 

Such a huge fan of these sneakers and Vans in general. Vans sells such high quality shoes it's actually ridiculous. I'm sure you've probably seen these shoes everywhere, but if you're still on the edge of choosing whether or not to buy them, do it. I know you may be thinking it's a trendy shoe that will die down soon enough, but an item like this (as well as Stan Smiths) is one that will not only go with everything, but last the end of time. I love mine, and always find myself throwing them on before I leave the house. I pair them with everything from dresses to jeans.

You guys know I love the French. Anything I can do to get closer to the culture: I'm there. I currently have two berets in my closet, a pink and red one. Though these colors are fun, there's really nothing like a simple black beret. You can wear this with anything, any time, any season, 365 baby.