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 A Guide To Being Young & Chic


A Guide To Being Young & Chic

Caitlin Rance

 Le Temps De L'amour by François Hardy

Self Care

 Take that midday bubble bath, throw on a sheet mask, and paint your nails red.

Invest In High Quality Pieces

Spending extra cash on high quality, timeless designer pieces is never silly business. You'll be able to wear those Gucci loafers in 30 years, not the $20 knock offs.

And that gold dress? You'll be able to dance in it every night and feel brand new every time 

rule 5.png

The Beauty of Being Undone

We are always in such busy states, running from place to place, socializing with him and her. We cannot always be perfect, and in that is such beauty. Remember to always leave one thing undone before leaving the house. I always prefer the hair.

Messy is in.

Red Lips

Best paired with a naked face

Hone Your Own Scent

Nothing leaves one more noticeable than there scent. There's something extremely mysterious about a figure that will pass by and only leave a perfume trace in their trail. Take the time to pick a favorite and spritz some on everyday

Less is More

Often we struggle wondering where the limit is to getting dressed, applying makeup, doing our hair, conversing, thinking, etc. An important lesson to learn is that sometimes less is ALWAYS more. It's easier to add than to take away, so apply this rule to everything in life


Date Yourself

Spending some alone time is the best therapy you can't buy. Get to know yourself by taking yourself on dates. First start of with coffee...take things slow...and if it goes well, proceed to a cande-lit spaghetti dinner.

rule 8.png

Fall In Love With Yourself

Life is short, self-love is forever

Kisses Kitten ♥︎