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How To Wear Adidas Superstars Without Looking Like A Basic B


How To Wear Adidas Superstars Without Looking Like A Basic B

Caitlin Rance

If you're conscious right now, then you're almost entirely aware of the HUGE Adidas comeback. I mean, one day we weren't wearing Adidas, and the next day we were. 

Though I'm not necessarily one to hop on a trend super quickly, I'm a pretty huge fan of athleisure wear, and more specifically, sneaker-wear. So when noting the Adidas explosion, I instantly decided I needed a pair.

I opted for the Stan Smiths over the Superstars due to the slimming style the Stans gave rather than the seemingly puffy look the Superstars gave. 

Even after all of my wearing of the Stan Smiths however, I still found myself being attracted to the allure the Superstars gave off. Theres really no beating around the bush, they're cool! And the reason they're cool is due to the fact that they're a bit wonky looking at first. They're not necessarily a sleek shoe, but something about them gives them personality, and thus identity. 

So, what I've come to realize is that any trendy piece, whether it be clothing, shoes, jewelry, a hairstyle, etc. is cool for a reason. Rather than who wears it, it's more important to focus on how it's worn. 

Pieces only become basic, when we pair them with the same, repeated basic pieces. Get creative with your wardrobe, grab a pair of Superstars, and style accordingly ☺︎


1. Actually wear the shoe. You bought them, so wear them. The best look about a cool shoe is a bit of wear and tear. The shoe WILL look basic if they're completely white and polished. This just shows you bought them for the trend...don't fall down that black hole

2. Pair them with outfits you Wouldn't normally pair a sneaker with. For example: a pair of culottes and a button down or tucked in white-tee, a midi dress, a slip, etc.

3. If you're into everyday wear, try them with a minimalistic outfit rather than an over the top matchy-matchy outfit. These sneakers will definitely look a bit basic if you're pairing them with a straight out of the catalog brandy melville look. The goal is to make this shoe completely your own. so make it your own. Instead of a crop top and high waisted shorts, opt for a pair of levi-esque jeans or workout pants with a solid colored sweater or Button-down. then you can Accessorize with an awesome bag or a funky pair of sunglasses.

4. They come in more than just one color (the black & white) Go out of your comfort zone and get a dope color.