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Style Spotlight: SOKO


Style Spotlight: SOKO

Caitlin Rance

This weeks Style Spotlight features French songwriter, singer, actress, & cool girl extraordinaire: Soko!

If you're not familiar with cool girl Soko, allow me to introduce you! I recently re-discovered her myself a handful of months ago when she emerged in news headlines, due to the fact she was dating fellow cool girl, Kristen Stewart.

Upon further research I discovered Soko's Spotify and realized she had already been apart of my life for a while.

If you think her name sounds familiar, I suggest you head over to Spotify & listen to her music, more specifically the song, "We Might Be Dead Tomorrow."

It should only take about 5 seconds before your mouth forms the "O." (see we all knew who she was)


If you're wondering why I chose Soko as this weeks Style Spotlight (I mean beyond the obvious coolness she reflects,) heres why:

As you may already know, I'm very much a lover of people who own their style and incorporate pieces that make that style their very own.

Sometimes I feel like you can easily lose yourself when you only stick to "trendy" pieces, because you're not really dressing for yourself, but rather others, you know?

When I look at Soko's style, I'm almost always in instant awe of how raw she is, and how thats reflected in her clothing. 

She's not afraid to look weird or masculine, nor made-up and feminine.

Sokos versatility in fashion not only attracts me but reminds me how important it is to realize how much fun fashion can be...because you can be anybody.

While in life were constantly searching for our true selves, we put ourselves in boxes through style, and define ourselves that way.

Have you ever wanted to wear something that's entirety were sequins but held back because it didn't fit your style? Or do you already have a common word that defines your style? (preppy, grunge, girly, masculine, etc.?) 

Personally I feel like that's just not fun. Why do we trap ourselves in boxes when it's so obvious we were meant to roam free and be as many different people as we could in our lifetime through our clothing?

With Soko, I can look at a photo of her today and see a biker girl who just got into town looking for a bar to relax at, and then next day I can see a photo of her that looks like she just had tea with Marie Antoinette. 

doesn't that sound amazing? To be a different person everyday?

So if you find yourself struggling with finding your fashion identity, experiment with as many looks as you can.

One thing you'll discover along the way is how many different looks appeal to you, and how you can wear more than one style.