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Caitlin Rance

She's a cult classic and her style is timeless. But when I say timeless I want it to be known that I think it's timeless because the idea of wearing whatever you want is and always will be timeless. Chloë Sevigny in my eyes is the ultimate cool girl because she embraces the fact that she doesn't give a fuck about what you think through her style.

I think something that plagues us each morning we get dressed and each night we get undressed is the idea of who you want to be. A lot of the people we look up to, have a distinct style. You and everyone else wants that because it's an identity. If we have no identity then what do we have? 

 As I've started to grow into a young adult I've learned that there aren't any rules in  in life, and more importantly fashion. In fact, the rules you abide by are ones you've either made up in your head, or ones that you've heard from so and so who made them up in their head. Remember when everyone was so caught up on not wearing navy with black? I obsess over navy with black.

Rules don't exist. Get it?

Clearly Chloe also agrees with this idea because she dons many different looks and characters with her style. I LOVE THAT. With this being said, take a look at some of my favorite looks by Chloe, and become inspired!  

P.S. remember! No Rules! Have Fun! Never stop playing dress up!