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Caitlin Rance

dakota cool girl.jpg

I’m like honestly obsessed with Dakota Johnson, and I feel so cringe-y typing the word obsessed but that's the only word that I’m aware of at this very moment that describes how I feel. Dakota kind of came onto everyones radar when 50 shades came out, though she’s been in countless movies, one including the Social Network, as well as most recently How to Be Single. Her parents are also super famous (Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith, how awesome? I know) 

Although I have to admit I am in no way a fan of 50 Shades (especially the movie...Jamie kind of ruins the whole thing) (sorry Jamie), Dakotas style off the screen is impeccable…so impeccable I’ve created a Pinterest board dedicated to it (that’s when you know)

So of course you’re wondering, Caitlin…what’s so “amazing” about this girls style? Well for one it exudes effortlessly cool yet comfy for the everyday gir (also if you’ve been keeping up with this blog then you’ll know how big I am about that. Dakota also sports pieces that everyone most likely has in their closet, but pairs them with other unlikely items, thus making the outfit just a little bit better. 

Some of my favorite added items that Dakota has sported that you can as well include: hoop earrings, black tights, sunglasses, and denim jackets (see? So easy & Simple)

So in conclusion, yes we have crazy lives and yes we can’t always dress like the latest it girls..but the magic trick to their looks are these little added items! Next time you run out the door, grab a pair of flatform sneakers, or throw on those gold hoops you used to wear in middle school (trust me on this)