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So You Realized You're Not Like The Rest


So You Realized You're Not Like The Rest

Caitlin Rance

Do you ever go online shopping and add a bunch of things to your cart, just to see the total and exit out? I’ve done it a couple of times only to realize I was only tempting myself to “accidentally” put in my credit card info and “accidentally” click confirm order.

So what is it that makes fashion so goddamn addicting? And why do I get butterflies refreshing the pages of ManRepeller, WhoWhatWear, & Vogue during fashion week? Mind you I also wasn't aware other people didn't feel this way until very recently. Shocked is an understatement. 

But really, I mean…how can you not get as excited as I do about pink colored fur coats & pompoms on the bottom of jeans? That’s like, the only fun thing we have to hold onto in this crazy & messed up world! (right?)

Maybe I’m just another one of the crazies, (scary movie btw) but is there anything wrong with wanting to play dress up for the rest of my life? I say no, and ask someone to step up and present something even more exciting (and no Jake Gyllenhaal isn't an answer in this situation) (sorry Jake)

* All photos have been taken from & Were photographed By Phil Oh from PFW 16