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Caitlin Rance

So there are bits & bobs that have more or less aided to my survival in college, and I figured it would be best to share.

  • Vaseline (for your lips) I've noticed vaseline is the only thing that consistently works for my lips and makes them smooth in seconds. If you go to school in a cold climate, I would  highly recommend buying some.
  • Comfy socks! So underrated but having a nice pair of socks, (brownie points if they're thick) really aids in having a good day. If you know you're going to be walking around a lot and you also know it will be cold out, why not treat your feet to some coziness?
  • A good pair of sweatpants. Sweatpants are the new ish, so don't feel bad if you feel like you might be slacking! Pair your sweatpants with some adidas (or cool sneaker of your choice), a fitted tee, and some minimalistic jewelry and you will have completed the comfy but cool look in seconds.
  • heavy duty boots, more specifically Doc Martens. Ever since I got a pair I've non-stop worn them everywhere. P.S. the breaking in period isnt as bad as it may seem!
  • Headphones. I happen to just use my apple headphones but like...if you don't have a pair of headphones what are you doing! I love to listen to music on my way to class, it clears my mind and puts me in such a good mood. Another good plus is that you can easily talk to people on the phone without the whole face-screen interaction which happens to cause acne!
  • Sunglasses. I have two pairs of Ray-Bans with me at school, and they've come in handy all the time. Even if it happens to not be sunny out, it never hurts to throw on a pair when you've had a long night.
  • Water bottle. HYDRATION IS KEY! Having a water bottle is not only environmentally better but it also doesn't allow you to slack off with your water intake! 
  • Moisturizer. MOISTURIZING IS KEY! If you happen to not be a daily moisturizer, I suggest you start. Skincare is always important, and if anything, I think moisturizing is the most important. By moisturizing you hydrate your skin and prevent early onset wrinkles. How awesome right?
  • Fluffy blanket. I love to feel cozy in my bed, and having a warm fuzzy blanket just aids 100% in that.
  • Tote bag. So yes you probably have a backpack, but sometimes our backpacks don't fit everything. This is wear tote bags come into play. 
  • Fuzzy cardigan. THIS IS A MUST! I cannot tell you have much I've relied on my cardigan. Sometimes you'll be hanging out in your dorm or in class and your chilly but not super chilly, and this is why you need a cardigan. Cardigans are perfect because they add that extra warmth without taking over your outfit.
  • Crossbody. These just provide that ease when you're running errands or going out, as well as force you to only carry the bare necessities. Definitely a great investment, and I highly suggest getting one in black because they'll go with everything. (yes even those navy numbers)