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Caitlin Rance

So I went thrifting at Belmont Army, which is this weird and amazing 4 story store that starts out with urban clothing for your local fuck boy, then goes up to a really cool store with fur coats and striped turtlenecks, followed by an actual army surplus store which is a bit scary and funny, then of course the thrift section at the top.

If you’ve never gone thrifting then what are you doing with your life? Although it was once a trade taken over by the hipsters, I don’t think that should derail you from finding your dream coat or jeans that fit like butter. With that being said, you definitely need to be the type of person with an open mind. This isn’t Barneys and your car won’t be valeted. Here are some of my tips from my many thrifting experiences:

1.Go with a friend! Shopping isn’t very much fun unless you have someone to ask if you should get the red or teal members only jacket, or if that Louis Vuitton brief case is a real or fake!

2. Pick somewhere weird but with a lot of good reviews. You want a good experience that will keep you coming back, and opinions by strangers are always valued.

3. Don’t be afraid to try on that floor length fur coat hanging up in the corner. This baby is there for a reason, and it would be so very sad if you left this world without saying you’ve worn a vintage fur coat right?

4.Pick a corner to change in and always know where your mirrors are. Yes there probably are a handful of changing rooms but they’re small and theres not a man or woman to give you a number and help you with the clothes you don’t want. This is the real world honey, and some people might see those heart panties you decided would be a good choice to wear today. It’s OK

5.Make sure to document all of your try-ons because they can always lead to the best Instagrams (trust me)

6. Try to bring two forms of payment (cash and credit) because you can never be 100% sure, and it would suck to not be able to buy those mom jeans. 

7.When trying on also make sure to do a runway walk like Lizzie McGuire did when she was in Rome.

8. If you can, try to bring a mini backpack that you can use to carry all of your important items like a phone, wallet, etc! You’re gonna want both hands to focus on going through all the clothing you’ll be hit with. 



9.Although you will see that the coat you picked up seems very cheap, your other 10 items still cost money too, and all of this adds up. Spend carefully!