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Caitlin Rance

M.O.D, also known as Model Off Duty, is a term coined by who knows that entails the clothing a model dons when not walking a fashion show or smizing in front of the camera. 


The only way to describe the look is cool yet comfy. This look is typically effortless and somewhat plain, but the allure of cool-girl is immediately picked up when the model is spotted. Of course we all wish we were models, even those of us who claim we don’t. So what do we do if we weren’t born with naturally long limbs and chiseled cheek bones? We dress like it. 


A common theme seen is denim denim denim. Whether skinny or loose, its slapped on and worn like a pair of workout pants. When it comes to tops, typically they’re plain t-shirts, tanks, or long sleeves, with the occasional button up (it kind of just depends what type of simple look you’re going for.) Some ways in which we see models pull the look together are through jackets. Leather, denim, bomber, and trench are usually your best bets. 

Again the model off duty look is all about comfort and coolness, so with that in mind come the shoes. When I think of a M.O.D look, I only think of two types of shoes: boots and sneakers. Upon no circumstances can sandals be worn. Adidas, Puma,Vans and Converse are typically affordable shoe brands that are always comfy yet stylish.


When it comes to accessories I would say less is more. Remember this look is something you would wear when you were out of the house for most of the day but in a more put together way. Your probably not going to want to wear a bunch of bangles on both arms paired with clunky earrings.


So with all of this in mind, tomorrow morning the first thing to do when you open your eyes is think, what would a model wear?