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My Favorite Fall-Winter Look

Caitlin Rance

Ah Fall, we've been kidnapped by it for well over a month, and though it's been bittersweet to say our last farewells to our cute tank tops and Bardot blouses, there's really nothing like a good structured jacket and a pair of tights to start off the year (or I guess end it?)

This look for Fall is one of my absolute favorites especially if you're a student who enjoys getting dressed as much as I do!  While I completely get throwing on a pair of sweats and a sweater, and have definitely been there, I try to not go that route because (If you're like me) wearing something you feel good and look good in really affects your mood for the whole day.

I've been inspired fashion wise by 60's and 70's film for a while, so I feel like this look allows me to emulate my inspirations, look smart, and let me add my own personal and modern day twist with accessories (e.g. backpacks, earrings, phone case, shoes.) 

My legs aren't completely covered, and I totally get the worry over that. I'm currently not in an area that I need to stress over that with, However what I've noticed after being in places where it gets super cold and windy is that fashion is pain babes (LOL!)

For the sake of fashion, I've always tried to beat the cold while still managing to be somewhat warm. What can I say? Sometimes that's how life works. However there is mentioning that there are magical ways to combat the cold: LAYERING.

You can easily get away with this look by layering a tank top under a heat-teach turtle neck, and then a structured jacket.  I've also noticed that though wearing tights can be daunting when outside, being inside a building where they crank the heating up is kind of a blessing. There's really nothing like sweating in jeans and a chunky sweater while trying to pay attention to a lecture. 


Skirt: Brandy Melville

Skirt: Brandy Melville

Ferragamo Loafers

Ferragamo Loafers

Jacket: Thrifted

Jacket: Thrifted

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