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DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Caitlin Rance

So Halloween is LITERALLY just around the corner, and if you're anything like me, then you're a procrastinator when it comes to costume ideas. No fears however, I've come to your rescue to help you pick & choose some of the easiest and most affordable costumes for this Halloween. Without further ado, lets get into it:

1. The Corpse Bride. (I've included the groom just in case you have a SO)



  • White Slip Dress (thrifted or Forever 21) Rough this dress up a bit by rubbing some dirt and ripping some hold in it towards the ends to get that 'yeah I wore this and died in this' look
  • Doc Martens or some sort of boot
  • Some fabric sewed or glued onto a flower crown. You can get a pre-made flower crown from your local craft store, Claires, or Forever 21.
  • Grab some white gloves from your local Party City or Costume store or you can thrift these as well!


  • Cover your face with a light foundation or white face paint. You want to make sure there is no natural color in your face because you're trying to achieve a dead look
  • Get some purple and blue eye shadow and cover your entire lid as well as under your eyes as well. You want a dead and sunken in look to your face
  • Contour heavily with an ashy based cream or powder to chisel your face and achieve the sunken look
  • Apply some white liner to the water line to open up your eyes 
  • Apply heavy mascara and draw some lashes on your lower lash line to fully achieve the doll look
  • Add a deep red lip and you're done! You may now kiss the bride

2. The late but great David Bowie


  • There are two ways you can go: the glam rock or laid back look
  • For glam-rock: Go with something metallic. Whether this be a jump-suit or dress find something insanely flashy but entirely rock N roll
  • If you're going for something more laid back, find a tight cropped tee and some flare out pants. Both of these you can find at your local good-will
  • For shoes you're going to want to go with a platform or boot with a good heel. Bowie would never wear a mediocre shoe. Go for something wild


  • Makeup has been covered by the amazing publication Byrdie! Click this link to check it out
  • For hair grab some hair spray, mousse and a blow dryer. You want a lot of volume but a sleek look. After washing your hair, rub some mousse in proceed to blow-dry by brushing your back and away from your face. You want your hair to have a sleek but volumious look so keep this up until you've achieved the desired affect. After you have, spray some hair spray to keep it in place and voila! For an extra touch sprinkle some glitter 

3. The Heathers (undead addition)

This costume is great because you can go as a sole Heather aka Winona, or you can grab a group of friends and go as THE Heathers!


  • Blazer (the more over-sized the better)
  • Skirt. This can be any tennis or school skirt you have. These are super easy to find at your local good will.  
  • Blouse you're not afraid to get a bit messy (go thrifting or forever 21 for this route)
  • A bolo-tie or a ribbon that you can tie around your collar for the perfect poussy blouse effect
  • Some thigh-high socks
  • Shoes can be any of your choice (sneakers or loafers)
  • If you can find any bat mallets or golf clubs, bring those along as props to fully complete the look!

Hair & Makeup

  • It's all about the volume for this one, so you're going to want to wash your hair, fill it up with some mousse, and go to town with the blow dryer
  • Next you're going to want to tease the crown as well as any side bangs you have
  • For makeup you're going to want to want to stick with a pale face, lots of contouring for a sunken face (remember you're dead) and browns and blues around the eyes. 
  • For that added pop, go ahead and stick on some false lashes!
  • Because you're dead, you're gonna want some fake blood around the mouth and on your blouse. I've linked you to a website that offers a handful of ways to make fake blood with items you most likely have in your fridge. (click here)