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Caitlin Rance

This is my first post for a new thing I want to start entitled, “Style Crush”

When creating this blog, I made a list of posts I knew I wanted to make, and one of them had to do with Atlanta De Cadenet, my ultimate style/girl crush. 

My sophomore year of high school I discovered and fell in love with the Strokes, which of course will be another story, however I somehow found out that one of the guitarists happened to be the stepdad to a girl I thought looked SO familiar. 

After I did some research, I realized why Atlanta looked so familiar! If you remember the 2008/2009 era of the insanely cool photographer, The Cobra Snake, then you might recognize the wild child at the time who was, and is, Atlanta

If I had to describe Atlanta’s style in two words, it would be, “effortlessly cool.” Atlanta is truly the ultimate cool girl, and it instantly shows through her style. From her younger years during the Cobra Snake era, I would always remember seeing her with random bandanas tied around her head, wearing the oddest socks with wedges, paired with some type of thrifted floral dress. Although to many they would think that a get-up like that would look insane, Atlanta somehow seemed to work it. 

Although Atlanta doesn’t really rock that look anymore, I’m so in love with the way she can effortlessly work a good pair of jeans by dressing them up with a leather jacket and platforms, or dressing it down with a pair of boots or sneakers, a fitted t-shirt, and funky sunglasses.

So, what I want to get across today is that Atlanta basically taught me to be fearless and fun with my style, because at the end of the day YOLO (sorry for any offended by that word)! If you’re ever questioning whether or not to wear those white cowboy boots with that denim dress, or wondering if it might seem weird  to wear those pink glittery sunglasses, think, WWAD (what would Atlanta do?) (She’d probably wear the cowboy boots with the denim dress AND the pink glittery sunglasses)


I’ve also put together a group of pieces that are Atlanta-esc that you can add to your closet! (Everything is listed below as well as linked so easy for shopping)