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Baby It's cold outside

Caitlin Rance

I currently live in Chicago and although this city is known for its good food and music, it’s definitely not know for its fashion. 

Given that the city faces pretty harsh weather especially during our current season,  I still call bullshit on the whole function over fashion thing. I feel like that statement is not only boring but also a cheap copout to embracing styles you’re secretly dying to try out (if our lovely distant neighbors in New York City can do it, we can too) 

A couple nights ago I finally wore this fur Unif moto jacket that I’d been worrying about wearing because it's been in the 20’s and 30’s outside. Instead of taking on the function over fashion mindset, I took on the fuck that mindset and wore my jacket. Although I could only slightly feel my arms I felt so powerful. Someone should really write a book on how wearing the stuff you actually want to wear is actually magical. 

And now of course this is where I show you I'm not biased by pointing out the cons of wearing what you want in freezing conditions. Okay so yeah maybe there could’ve been a close call for hypothermia, but this is where layering comes into play. I happened to not layer when I wore my coat, which is rookie mistake number uno my friends. 

So last night I took on my fuck it mindset again and wore a leather moto jacket from Topshop, and although it’s not known for being very insulating, I made it functional through, (say it with me folks) the power of layering

Your first step in layering is finding a nice fitted tank that won’t bunch underneath clothing, and is fairly form fitting. You can find tanks like this ANYWHERE and they play a huge part in staying warm. Next you’re going to want to have an insulated long sleeve. I got mine from Uniqlo, who just happens to have a huge heattech line ranging from scarves, to dresses, to gloves, to pants, etc. All of these items are also extremely fair in price! Then over your insulated long sleeve you’re going to want to add a long sleeved turtleneck. Turtlenecks are kind of amazing because they’re kind of a two in one package deal. Not only are your arms nice and warm but also your neck gets the little extension of cosiness.

Now it’s kind of dependent on you for the next layering piece on top. If you’re someone who knows you get extremely cold, add on top a cute sweater for extra warmth! You can always take off pieces if you find yourself getting a bit to toasty (again the power of layering). 

When it comes to bottoms my only piece of advice would be to buy heattech leggings to wear underneath your jeans/pants/skirt/etc. Although they seem like thin material, these boys keep you SO WARM and really make the difference! I should also mention if you’re worried about wearing them underneath super skinny jeans…don’t be.

I’ve also put together a couple items that also contribute to staying warm that are pictured above.

p.s. I always add a scarf on top for extra neck warmth.

Stay cosy chickies