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Caitlin Rance


In the recent years I’ve just become obsessed with sneakers, and as my collection starts to grow my love for them does as well. Picture above are my top 5 favorite sneakers from my collection that I wear a lot and think are great pieces to have in your wardrobe.


Nike Free Run 2: So I’m not quite sure Nike sells these anymore, because I think they’ve gone on to the Nike Free Run 3’s if I’m not mistaken. I got these as basically a hand-me-down from my mom because she felt uncomfortable in them when she ran, however I don’t seem to notice when I workout/run. I’ve never worn these with a casual outfit like a lot of people are doing these days, but I love how simple and minimal they look. I always see insanely colored workout shoes on the market, and as someone who enjoys wearing and putting together workout looks, I feel like these shoes don’t distract and bring your workout outfit together, thus resulting in a great workout with a boost of confidence. 


Adidas: Okay so are you ever out and you see someone wearing something that just pulls an outfit together and you’re just like…yas bitch!!!!!! Well this happened to me when my mom was visiting me at school. So we went to this cafe and I saw this girl wearing a nice grey fitted tee, a maroon bomber jacket, blue-washed jeans, and these white flatform sneakers. Although I loved her outfit clothes wise, when I saw this girls shoes I instantly knew I needed to get them. Now again I’m not one to buy something immediately when I see it, so I eventually forgot about them until around Christmas time. As I was scrolling through the ASOS shoe section, my eyes fell upon these sneakers, and at first I didn’t think I was seeing straight! Alas I ended up realizing these were the beauties I had once seen so long ago that had now found there way back to me. Long story long I got them for Christmas and they are literally the coolest pairs of shoes I own! Also they’re now on sale on ASOS so if you’re into to white sneakers or flatforms or might be short like I am, then this is the shoe for you!


Stars: I got these shoes such a long time ago at an Urban Outfitters in New York City. I have this weird thing for stars and when I see a lot of them on a print I really really want it. I think these sneakers are so cool because I’ve always loved that vans style of sneaker, and these imitate that for less than half the cost. I unfortunately don’t think Urban sells these anymore, but I’m sure you could find a similar style online at ASOS, Topshop, Forever21, and more (I’ll be on the look and post a link if i find similar). I think it’s always fun to have a funky shoe in your wardrobe, and for me these are it!


Converse: There’s not a lot to say about these guys! I got my first pair of converse when I was in 6th grade, and these are now currently my second pair! I think these shoes are such a classic and if I had my high-tops at home with me I would post them as well. If you don’t have a pair of Converse definitely get them. These shoes go with literally anything and everything and theres always some sort of sale on them. 


Stans: Stan is truly the man. These shoes are basically a cult favorite and I will never be one to argue with that. If you’re looking for a cool and simple shoe these are the boys for you. These sneakers go with everything from t-shirt dresses, to jeans & a tee (see what I did there). These shoes also come in so many different colors! I have the classic greens which I myself think are the best to get, but if you’re not into green so much there is hope for you!


***I also want to note 2 pairs of sneakers that aren’t pictured that are currently at my dorm that would have been mentioned in this post: New Balances, and Supergas. Super classic shoes, really cool, really funky, love love love.