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A Few of My Favorite Things (That Make Me ME)

Caitlin Rance

Kanken: Okay so you know those items that randomly blow up out of nowhere and all of a sudden everyone has one but you? Well that was the Kanken for me. Now given I’m the type of person to give something thats garnered a lot of hype a couple months before I purchase, the Kanken won my heart. I’m not really sure what it is about these backpacks but something about them gravitates towards me! I currently use my Kanken as my school bag during the week and then a bag on the weekends if I’m traveling around the city a lot, and I love it. If you’re interested in purchasing one, I would suggest looking online rather than buying in store (which I happened to do), because although the Kanken store is so insanely cute and the staff are really helpful, I noticed the price for backpacks is actually cheaper online rather than in store. (p.s. the bags come in all shapes and colors so go crazy)

Ray-Bans: So this is probably one of my all time new favorites. I’ve wanted these sunglasses since early 2015 but because I wear prescription sunglasses already, shelling out almost 200$ for sunglasses I wouldn’t even be able to wear regularly seemed a bit ridiculous…but heres where things get crazy. One day my friend texted me with a code for Ray-Ban that guaranteed a 50% off discount on any pair of glasses…I screamed. I ended up getting the glasses which are normally 150$ for 75$ and then just recently I got contacts. These sunglasses are literally the coolest things ever and I’m hoping I take care of them enough to wear when I’m 86. If you’re interested in these I would definitely find a store that sells these to try them on first before buying because since their a rounded frame shape, they don’t fit every face thus resulting in a John Lennon look (but hey if you’re into that then go for it)

Pouch + Puff: In my town it’s all about they keychain pouch and all the goodies you have on it. Although a lot of girls go for the Louis Vuitton look, I went for something that I felt described my personality and was entirely different. I bought this pouch at a hotel boutique in Miami however they sell it on the Bando store (which I’m obsessed with) and 20$ for a pouch vs 300+ tickles my fancy just a lil bit. Of course whats a pouch without a puff? I bought this puff in France for a whopping 15$ but you can find all different sizes and colors on Etsy for most likely even cheaper!

Gold Jewelry: Although I’m not jewelry obsessed, I do like to either have on a necklace, ring, or bracelet. I love love love all different finishes of jewelry, (silver, gold, resold, etc) however I think I’m really in love with gold. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like gold jewelry spices up an outfit and makes your look a little bit more funky. 

Pouch Bag: So I’ve always been a lover of Marc Jacobs because I think his brand really encompasses the idea of the girl who doesn’t give a fuck. Although I still tend to give many fucks, I’m very much so obsessed with this mini bucket bag. I got this bag on christmas a couple years ago and I’ve basically worn it everyday. The only downside is that I can’t fit a lot of my stuff in it, however in a way it forces me to only carry the basics, and it goes along with almost every outfit. BON!

Jean Jacket: I feel like I don’t need to say a lot about this piece. The jean jacket is a must in everyones wardrobe.

THE STANS: Another item that everyone seemed to have all at once. These shoes spice up any outfit and are so insanely comfortable to wear. I’m also pretty sure you can work out in them, and I think Stan himself would be proud if you did. Adidas is such a cool brand and Stans are such a cool shoe, so if you’re considering buying these definitely do. (omg that rhymed?)

Headband: I have a big forehead so at first I wasn’t really sold on the headband train but all those times I would wake up with hair that wouldn’t cut it, I just started throwing on headbands and it instantly changed my look. This orange headband I got from Urban is super nice and although it was about 15$ it looks way more expensive which I love because you can wear it out to dinner and still look A+

Perfume: I just received this for Christmas and can I just say that regardless of how it smelled I would still buy just for the packaging alone! The box is light blue & velvet and the smell is divine.  I would definitely recommend getting the smaller version if you’re interested because the normal is pretty expensive and you only need a little bit!