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Taking A Look At Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's Style

Caitlin Rance

jeans & a tee

When I read articles, peruse instagrams, and click on the occasional Pinterest board—though who am I kidding….I love Pinterest and would spend hours on it if I could—the one ‘style icon’ that seems recurrent is Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, late wife of the also late John F. Kennedy Jr. and publicist at Calvin Klein.

jeans & a tee

To be frank, the late Kennedy was never someone on my style radar. Not because I never appreciated her style, because I do. I just was never truly aware of her style. Kennedy was, and still is the type of style icon who I think for people my age, is really only on their radar’s if they’re in the know when it comes to the regality of American politics and fashion. And there’s something so under-the-nose chic about Kennedy’s style, that to the average on-looker, that classic ‘it’ quality may just be missed.

jeans & a tee

At first glance, there’s nothing inquisitively special about Kennedy’s style. To many, she might just look like a woman who really had her shit together. But that ability Kennedy had, to always look so put together yet in the most nonchalant way is something I, along with many others covet. It’s not easy to master that art, and that’s probably why we always see articles and books and videos all centered around it.

Similar to French style, Kennedy’s closet seems to have been made up of the best recurrent staples. Great jeans, great coats, great shoes, and great bags. Another it-quality that has increasingly incapsulated me about Kennedy is the simply fact that every piece looks like it was made for her. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if almost all of her pieces were tailored, I do think it brings up the importance of only purchasing items that look good and feel good. I often get wrapped up in wanting to add pieces to my closet that I end up often settling for pieces that look okay enough—not fit-like-a-glove great.

jeans & a tee

In an effort to move away from constantly purchasing clothing, I’m beginning to look at Kennedy’s style for inspiration in some ways. I wouldn't say—at least at this point in my life—her style is one that I hope to replicate. To be honest, I’ve found myself in a more colorful + playful nature at the moment with my style. Kennedy seems to have stuck to her neutrals, which I admire. Nonetheless, I have come to appreciate the ways in which Kennedy continually recycled her best pieces, and made them look effortless, timeless and new again. See: Jeans, Sunglasses + Shoes.

jeans & a tee

While Kennedy may not be my ultimate style icon, I see her as component to the foundation of my personal style. And a perfect stepping stone to some who are looking to cultivate a personal style, but don’t know where or how to start.

It’s truly all about the basics. And a pair of glitter sunglasses.

jeans & a tee