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Songs That Formed My Teenage Years


Songs That Formed My Teenage Years

Caitlin Rance

I'm listening to this playlist currently as I type up this post. Music has always kind of been the main love of my life (yes even before fashion itself.) You know when people say they wish they had a soundtrack to their life? This playlist is kind of it for me. There are some cheesy overplayed songs, and some that have maybe gotten 1 or 2 plays in your book, but they're all songs that have truly shaped my teenage years. I can listen to any song on this list and remember where I was the first time I heard it. I can remember how I felt so clearly it's kind of insane. For example: the first time I heard Lisztomania I was at home. I had just gotten home from school (middle school) and I was lurking someones myspace profile. This person was most likely cool in my eyes because I was stuck on their music playlist. They decided to add Liszstomania that day because it was the first song to play when you came to their profile. The moment I heard that song I was HOOKED. I was shocked that a song that good could exist. Like people actually constructed the chords and made it and then released it for kids like me to hear and fall in love with. Of course everyone knows the song, and it may not seem as special anymore to many, but to me songs like that are what made me realize I was addicted to that shaken up can of coke in your tummy feeling. You know what I mean?

Anyway, as I still have a little bit less than half a year left until I'm no longer a teen anymore, I will continue to update it until that fateful day (May 12th folks.)

*P.S. This playlist is best played in cars (like all music.)