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My Stadium Tour Lineup


My Stadium Tour Lineup

Caitlin Rance


I am a child of pop. Not in the Uptown Girls sort of way where my father was a famed rockstar and my mom his trusty Band-aid. Rather, I was blessed to be born in that bubblegum-pop-hit-me-baby-one-more-time era. My eighth birthday party was spent at this theatre where—at least in my mind—the best pop impersonators performed for me and my surrounding friends. There was N’SYNC, Britney and Christina—still shaking thinking about it.

As I sat underneath a table, peaking out through the tablecloth too overwhelmed to stand as I mumbled the lyrics while completely transfixed, I realized two of one things—either I was going to become a pop star, or I'd experience to an extent, a pop stars life.

Neither have come true as of yet, but as we all know, life is crazy and unexpected.

Perhaps an album may be in my future?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of pop-culture and pop music. Although pop music isn’t necessarily the same as it used to be—and why would we want the same stuff anyway—it maintains a perfect pace of catchiness, while evolving into themes of self-love, the power after heartbreak, and of course, wanting the latest designer things.