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My Record Collection


My Record Collection

Caitlin Rance

Record collections, held by people who were born in the 90s, is typically seen as a hobby that's semi-pretentious, and just overall silly.

But I don't care ☻

I remember buying my first record at an Urban Outfitters on my 16th birthday. I had been listening non-stop to Comedown Machine by The Strokes, so upon noticing it's red cover sticking out among random indie-alternative records and the occasional Lana Del Rey record, I bee-lined to it and decided it would be mine, even though I didn't even have a record player to play it on. I think my fascination and overall love for records comes from the tangible aspect of it all. I grew up during a time when CDs were just finishing up their moment in the spotlight. However, there was always something so exciting to me about going to a store, getting to pick out a CD, put it in my CD player, and press play—making sure to hold the device carefully so it didn't skip over my favorite part. I can see how this love for CDs crossed over into my love for records. I often find myself wanting to shut off all my devices and disconnect from the internet world. When I find myself wanting to disconnect, I still crave music, so records are a great way to tune out, and yet tune in. 

My record collection is pictured below!

 I acquired these all through gifts & random moments out in the world.

If you'd like to see a track list, or are interested in purchasing the record, click the 'shop me' button.

The record player I own is linked below!

jeans & a tee

Paradise Valley



by John Mayer

jeans & a tee

Hot Fuss


by The Killers

jeans & a tee

Depression Cherry


by Beach House

jeans & a tee



by Tyler The Creator

jeans & a tee




jeans & a tee

La La Land


by Justin Hurwitz, Benji Pasek & Justin Paul

jeans & a tee

Wolfgang Amadeus 

by Phoenix

jeans & a tee


by Cage The Elephant

jeans & a tee

Comedown Machine

by The Strokes

jeans & a tee

This Old Dog

by Mac Demarco

jeans & a tee


by Vampire Weekend

jeans & a tee

Within & Without 

by Washed Out

jeans & a tee

Greatest Hits

by Fleetwood Mac


Is This It 

by The Strokes

jeans & a tee

Some Girls 

by The Rolling Stones

jeans & a tee

A Seat at the Table 

by Solange