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MUSIC MONDAY: We're all country music stans now


MUSIC MONDAY: We're all country music stans now

Caitlin Rance

jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee

Picture this: You're riding around backroads in your Silverado with your cowboy hat on, the window's down so your hair is lightly flowing in the wind and—JUST KIDDING! But really hi and welcome back to another Music Monday. This Monday I'm converting you all to country music  ☺︎

So I never really do this, but sometimes an album comes into your life that literally gets you so good you just can't stop talking about it. For this Music Monday, I've decided to focus on one album and share some favorites.

Country music queen Kacey Musgraves recently released her fourth album, Golden Hour, and it's SERIOUSLY the best thing that's ever happened to me. I never really listened to her music—let alone country—because I just never related to that genre or style of music. However when she popped onto my Spotify promoting one of her singles from Golden Hour, something in me just decided to press play. LORD JESUS when I tell you this song (it's High Horse) literally resurrected me, I'm not kidding. When talking about the creation of the song, Kacey spoke about how she was constantly listening to the Bee Gees, and wanted to find a way to crossover disco (I LOVE DISCO) and country—a match made in heaven I tell you. When you listen to this song, you're literally going to be on the floor. It really makes me want to tease my hair up really high, put on a glitter body suit, grab a fur coat, and go rollerblading. It's just that good.

When Kacey spoke about the album as a whole, she called the style, 'Galactic Country' and had a listening party at a planetarium in Nashville.


I've included all of my favorite songs from Golden Hour as well as older song I've been really loving. Other than High Horse, my other absolute favorite is Slow Burn. This song reminds me of when I was younger. It just has this early 2000's nostalgic sound but with this modern twist that makes it so so perfect. I know for a good amount of people country music is just not their thing and I get that because country music was not my thing either. BUT, there's something about Kacey's music and perspective that has just made me fall in love with her style of the genre.

I highly encourage you to listen because it's seriously like nothing I've ever heard before.

jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee

Congratulations! We're all country music Stans now.