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Caitlin Rance


It's been a hot moment since a Music Monday graced the blog. I've finally gotten home from a long week of traveling after the end of my study abroad program, so as things have been a bit silent on here, you know why! While I didn't necessarily have access, nor time to a laptop to share everything with you guys, I did have access to some really great music. I'm not sure if I'll always do this for every Music Monday, but for today, I'd like to do a little blurb for each song and why I love it so much. 


I discovered this song after going to see Wes Andersons's, Isle of Dogs. This song plays a handful of times throughout the movie if I'm not mistaken, and it's just such a classic, timeless (p.s., are those basically the same words?) song. I originally thought this was a song by Jason Schwartzman and co. because he's a continuous collaborator w/ Wes and has also always done music. Turns out, this song is actually by a group from the 60's. This song is just the perfect mix of rock and folk and I seriously find myself hearing the song even when it's not playing. If you're looking for a new tune to add to your Summer playlist, add this one!


There's a chance you've heard this song before, (it came out in 2013.) I've heard a few songs from this band, but just never came across this song. I'm a sucker for an upbeat indie tune, and think this is a great song to play in the car with the windows down or if you find yourself in the city, it's a great walking-or running song (if you're into that!)


Yes, I'm a sucker for an upbeat indie tune, but when presented with some throwback indie rock tunes, I'm GONE. I remember listening to this song so much back in middle school I could probably join the band. Fun fact: the lead singer of Rooney, Robert Schwartzman, played Michael Moscovitz, Mia's suuuuuper cute bff. Also, he's Jason Schwartzmans lil brother. Rooney makes such great tunes but this one has a special place in my heart. Add to your Summer playlist for a guaranteed mood booster.


I just discovered Hatchie and her amazing pop tunes. 'Sure' came up on my discover weekly playlist and I was convinced this was a song from some early 2000's film. Not complaining, because I LOVE music from the 2000's, but I was shocked to see it was actually a very new tune. I've had this song on repeat ever since I first listened to it and 100% will include it in my future screenplay. Seriously. It's a movie song.


I absolutely love New Order, so when this cover popped up in my Discover Weekly playlist, I DIED! This cover is so interesting because it's by one of the coolest girl groups, Cayetana. I think they do a great spin on the song and it's just something I always have playing in my car. 


Lolawolf is amazing amazing amazing. This song is by no means new, but I rediscovered it and can't stop playing it. I kind of imagine this as a song on the Drive soundtrack if they ever came out with a sequel. Drive (Los Angeles) is the perfect synth pop song for hot Summer days and humid Summer nights. 

These are a couple songs from my personal summer playlist which you can keep up with if you want! I'm not sure if I'll do this for every Music Monday, but I've enjoyed getting back into writing a bit about my favorite songs (even if they're just random little blurbs.) If there are songs your digging at the moment, send them my way!