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Songs I've listened To In The Cities I've been in


Songs I've listened To In The Cities I've been in

Caitlin Rance

City: Paris

Song: If You Only Knew By Flex Cops

City: Rochester

Song: Miss You By Foster The People

City: Nice

Song: Come Under the Covers By Walk The Moon

City: Key West

Song: Dreams By Fleetwood Mac

City: Boca Raton

Song: Hows It Gonna Be By Third Eye Blind

City: Nashville

Song: Read My Mind By The Killers

City: Atlanta

Song Always Like This By Bombay Bicycle 

City: New York City

Song: Sex by The 1975

City: Palm Beach

Song: Sound of Settling By Death Cab For Cutie

City: Miami

Song: Be Together By Major Lazer

City: Denver

Song: Hot N Cold By Katy Perry

City: Memphis

Song: Tap Out By The Strokes

City: London

Song: Honey By Swim Deep

City: Rome

Song: Is There Somewhere By Halsey

City: Rome

Song: Tumor By Allie X

City: Barcelona

Song: King By Years & Years

City: Chicago

Song: Cyanide Sisters By Com Truise

City: Nantucket

Song: 50'S By The Pomegranates 

City: Ann Arbour

Song: Hannah Hunt By Vampire Weekend