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Caitlin Rance

Their name is LANY and before you say to yourself, “That seems like a weird ass name,” It’s actually an acroynm for Los Angeles & New York, probably hands down the coolest cities ever, easily making LANY the coolest band ever.

I discovered LANY while looking at related artists on spotify, and the first song I heard by them is also probably one of their most popular songs called, ILYSB. I then went on to listen to ILYSB on repeat for probably 2 hours.

LANY’s sound can only be described as smooth and soft. It’s like the band has a way of taking a hold of you and never letting go, and while replaying other bands songs on loop might make you eventually hate them, LANY is probably the only exception (it's basically impossible to not listen to their whole EP in one go over and over again)

Their EP Make Out is also probably the best example of showcasing our modern day romance, because although we’ve heard similar lines from love songs that LANY uses, specifically in their song ILYSB like, “And you need to know that you keep me up, all night, all night”, “slow dance these summer nights our disco ball’s my kitchen light” and , “oh my heart hurts so good I love you babe, so bad, so bad” 

when you hear the line,

“and you need to know that I’m hella obsessed with your face,”  you will instantly feel connected on a weird level to the band (because we’ve all met someone whose face we’ve become hella obsessed with.)

So If someone ever decides to make another modern day Romeo + Juliet, I hope they consider this EP as the soundtrack, because it’s one hell of a sound.

**Their website which is also their tumblr should also be mentioned because it’s a gem. The band posts some of the best photos, many of which include film photos which are so nice to look at that you could get lost looking at them for hours. 


You can check LANY out here:


*their EP Makeout is available on iTunes as well as Spotify