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Ways to De-Stress


Ways to De-Stress

Caitlin Rance

As exam week nears, so does anxiety + stress. While it's completely normal to feel these emotions around this time, there's no reason It should take over your life. As I've dealt with my fair share of exam weeks, I've found some ways to cope with the stress and anxiety that surrounds It. When you're able to take a step back from all the craziness, you set yourself up for more successful study sessions, and ultimately a better exam performance.

destress your self.jpg

Take a bath, light some candles, and put on your favorite film or YouTube video

Or, skip the bath and just lay in bed and watch something easy and fun like Friends, Riverdale, a vlog, etc. When I do this however, I set about a 30-40 minute alarm so I don't get carried away. 

Head over to your local gym or go for a run outside. You'd be surprised how much tension you'll get out of your body. Plus working out or even getting your body moving has been proven to make you happy. Spotify has so many amazing workout playlists which will help you get your sweat on

Take a 30 minute nap. Sometimes you're just really tired and that's okay. I know I can never give something my all if I'm tired. A nap will recharge you and help you get back into your groove!

Paint your nails! It's kinda weird but sometimes the best way to de-stress yourself from one task is to focus on another, especially if It doesn't require a lot of brain work.

Get yourself outside and into the sun (if possible) and take some deep breathes in and out. Whenever I start to get super overwhelmed, taking a few moments to go outside and center myself really bring me back down to Earth. I also like to ask myself the 'will this matter a year from now?' question. That definitely helps put tasks into perspective. 

Grab your laptop or device, search some stretching videos and do a couple stretches where you are. You've most likely been sitting all day-MOVE YOUR BODY!

Lay on the ground, close your eyes, and play your favorite music. I personally love playing Solange, King Krule, Beach House, or Father John Misty because they have great mellow music that you can let your mind kinda float away to.

Try out headspace, a meditation app. While a majority of the packs cost money, they do have a basic one you can do for free which will help you out during the next few weeks. Meditation has been something I've been recently getting into and I've felt SO much more relaxed since doing It.

Invest in a diffuser! You can find awesome affordable ones on amazon like this one. I recommend getting a peppermint oil to diffuse because It just brings this cooling/calming sensation to the room. Aromatherapy is the best thing for calming the body and if you have your diffuser going in your space you'll almost definitely create a more relaxed vibe.

Paint! Doodle! Journal! Anything you can do to get any thoughts out of your mind and onto paper is the BEST! You seriously don't realize how cluttered your mind is until you just start letting yourself unload onto a couple pages.

Speaking of that option, sometimes you just have a million things you have to do and you don't know where to start. While this is something you've probably heard before, make a list! Seriously! The most satisfying thing ever is getting to cross of things on your to-do list. You may think you can remember everything you have to do, but I'm sure there's something you'll probably forget. Even writing down minuscule things that maybe you don't have to do immediately but you know you have to do at some point can help you to relax.  I like to rank them in matter of importance. If I know I have an exam on Wednesday, but a paper due on Monday, I'll probably delegate a few hours of my day to writing, and the other half to studying for the exam-taking breaks in between. 

I hope these ways to de-stress will come in handy for you!

Oh and if no one's told you yet, 

jeans & a tee