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Things I've Found on The Internet


Things I've Found on The Internet

Caitlin Rance


I spend so much time on the internet it's sort of insane. Because a lot of the work I do involves a laptop, I like to take breaks either reading a few chapters from my book, doodling, listening to some music, or watching a video from content creators I really enjoy.  I decided to compile content I've been enjoying during short breaks for you! Wether you're looking to feel inspired, relax, or learn something new, I hope this helps you ☺︎

I really love Madelynns work—she's seriously one of the most creative YouTubers and she's constantly putting out original work. I had the pleasure of interviewing her last year for Cool Girl and it was nice to pick her brain so once you watch this (and basically all of her content) go read the interview! Click here

Absolutely love this song. I basically play it anytime I decide to take a break. I dont know why, but it reminds me of Summers in upstate New York, long car drive through the adirondacks, those quiet moments you have to yourself. Ugh just love it. Haleys voice is literally like an angel singing.

Christine is one of the coolest YouTubers. She creates the coolest content (I love her videos where she has people do their makeup routine) and she's started doing daily vlogs! 

I've been a fan of Tavi's for a really long time. Rookie really inspired me to start my first blog and then online zine so anytime she's on a podcast or does a long in depth interview I like to listen. I really enjoyed this one and I think she offers up some great advice. 

I came across Jenny's videos around last semester and absolutely fell in love with her work. She's based in Brooklyn and does a lot of videos around thrifting and styling and it's just the best content ever. I really loved this travel video from her—it's totally inspired me for this Summer.

I apologize for the thumbnail if you're squeamish haha. So Ben has been one of my favorite travel vloggers ever since I can remember. He's really inspired me to travel and I've always tried to carry the mantra he says at the end of every video "remember to work hard, be nice to people, and try not to get lost or killed." He recently stopped uploading for a while and then came back with this. I really enjoyed watching it and if you're in a point in life right now where you're confused, lost, or just feel really defeated, I highly recommend watching. I think this is sort of just a reminder that EVERYONE faces really shitty lows in life and at the end of the day, you just gotta pick yourself back up and try again.