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Summer 2017 On Film


Summer 2017 On Film

Caitlin Rance


A few years back I discovered a black Olympus film camera in a box of other camera gear in the office. I doubted it worked until I found a battery, slid it in, and saw it come to life. Here's some photos I took over the Summer:

Early May. Not even Summer yet but it was so hot and the water was so blue so days were spent at the beach.

Miami in May

Driving to Miami

Beach day

Before Lolla

Before lolla

Sarasota. Me shooting Haley shooting me.

Feeling dramatic in Miami

Enjoying some Dark Matter.

Sarasota. Me by Haley.

Bal Harbour. We parked in the Pink Park so I had to take a photo of Rachele in front of it.

Zoe's room feat. Yossi

Haley by Me.

Zoe happy & glowing.

The Perez Museum.

Mesmerized by Alt-J

Stephanie & I doing a quick snap before Alt-J

Buckingham Fountain. I remember two years ago I stood on the other side crying on the phone freshman year <3


Had to take a photo of War Paint. Felt like watching angels <3

Sunset by the lake

Couldn't tell you who was performing.

Brooklyn. Donnie Darko in the park. Justin & Haley feat. some peach soda drinks from a market in Manhattan.

Brooklyn. Donnie Darko in the park. Justin & Haley.

On my Andy Warhol shit for a second.

Fourth of July.

Our savior every night after Lollapalooza.

Long Island. Bon Voyage baby. 

Cecil. Baby succulent from The Sill I was gifted after a shoot.

Zoe in my room when nothing was on the walls. 

Me giving my best glamour look, unaware to the fact that I had just received the worst sunburn of my life. My lips give away what's to come. R.I.P.


Trader Joes Strawberries.

Dinner NYC style. 

Sips before Phoenix.

Sips before Phoenix.

Lunch at Gov Ball.

Wu Tang Clan.

After Wu Tang Clan.

soft smiles between acts

Boba kid in Sarasota

Boba kid in Sarasota

Boba kid in Sarasota



Zoe eating an açaí bowl from Surf Shack

Zoe eating an açaí bowl from Surf Shack

Zoes dog Zara

Zoes dog Zara