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I'm Still YouTube Obsessed


I'm Still YouTube Obsessed

Caitlin Rance


It's so weird to think that I've literally been watching YouTube for probably more than 10 years now. YouTube has always been the place I went to when I was bored out of my mind, lacking creative inspiration, felt alone, etc. As someone who digs content creation, being able to type in basically anything and finding someone who is either doing the thing you want to do, or doing something you didn't think you could do, YouTube has been my biggest motivator (is that cheesy?) Over time-like anyone else-my style has changed, evolved and maybe in some aspects matured and in other aspects didn't. I've rounded up the handful of YouTubers I've been consistently watching over the past year/months. All of these YouTubers have inspired me, quelled my boredom, and made me laugh.

Devon Lee Carlson: Vlogger

I can't say enough about these YouTubers-they're seriously so good at what they do! If you've been finding yourself in a rut with school, work, a relationship, or life definitely take 20 minutes and watch a video from one of these creators. 

You won't regret It