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Caitlin Rance


I, like my mother (hi mom), enjoy work. Though I've never admitted it to myself until now—which mind you, I realize, is perhaps maybe a sign of maturity—I love when I'm busy and working on things that have an end goal. Whether it be $$, finishing a paper, clocking out at the end of the day, or just helping someone out, there's something really satisfying about working because you know at the end of the day you've earned your *~relaxation~*. I'm writing this to all you lovely people today because I've not only successfully completed my first (of three weeks) of Spring Break, but also have come to the realization I basically went crazy the first few days after realizing I was without any real structure, and that I'd basically be without structure (traveling included) for almost a MONTH! SO! If you're like me and have come to accept that you too like having structure and a schedule, here are some tips from me to you that have helped me when I'm without an actual school or work routine.

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2. Make a list of things to do. For some of us, being on a break means there's literally nothing to do so sometimes to-do lists don't make sense. However, there's always something you should or could be doing. During times like this, I'll honestly just make a to-do list of pleasure things I want to get done. For instance, pick up a book I've been wanting to read, watch that movie, try out that coffee place, organize my room, see that friend, go to the feel me? There are ways to relish in your time off without completely wasting it away my friends. 

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4. As Shia Labeouf once said, JUST DO IT. This sort of ties into number 2 but I mean this in more of a follow your dreams and do the damn thing sense <3 The amount of times I've spoken to people about their passions and how they want to do something but have just put it off or don't have's insane! We keep wasting all this time which is quickly passing us by (hello darkness my old friend) and we think we're gonna be young forever or have all this more time in the future to dedicate when that's just not the case. If you have even 2 days to yourself, do the dAMn thing you've been wanting to do. If you want to write a book, start drafting up ideas or a first chapter! It's not impossible. In fact, for one of my classes we've been assigned to basically write a novel and had our synopsis due this past Monday. If I can come up with a storyline, work up the courage to read said synopsis in front of class, accept criticism, and begin to draft the first chapter all under a week, then ladies + gentlemen so can you. If writing a New York Times best selling novel isn't your passion but photography is, find yourself a camera and start shooting! You have to start somewhere! Even if it's absolute shit that you never want anyone to see, at least you've started the first few steps in the right direction. I always tell myself when I've decided to tackle a daunting passion–which btw it's totally normal to feel scared shitless because after all, it is your passion so you don't wanna hate it or be triggered by it–I like to imagine where I'll be a year from that day. Btw if any of you become successful at you're thing, please remember me...

1. Have an alarm set to go off every morning at 8:30am, and if you have blinds, crack em' open a bit so the sun can naturally wake you up a little bit earlier than your alarm. Without anyone or anything really getting you to wake up in the morning, you can easily sleep away a good chunk of your day. I get it, sleeping is literally Gods gift to us all, and maybe you really need to catch up on some Z's. BUT. If there's anything I've learned, it's that when you consistentlysleep in super late, you end up not only feeling extra lazy, but you also kinda sorta get this feeling of sadness because you've missed out on some peak daylight hours and now you're back to being up until 3am scrolling through Instagram because you can't sleep. When I get into a habit of waking up early, I get shit done and then I reward myself with an afternoon nap.

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3. Leave your house! There were a few times this past week where I didn't have set plans or had set plans but they weren't until night. I'm 100% a day person, so not having a legitimate reason to get out of the house can really throw me off. As I was conveniently out of coffee pods, I decided to hit up my local Starbucks each morning and grab a coffee (currently sipping on a vanilla latte with almond milk). Now of course buying coffee every morning isn't the best recommendation in the world, but if you're also going there to work on some assignments or a passion project, it's sort of like an investment, right? If you're not necessarily convinced to buy overpriced artisanal coffee each morning, hit up the gym instead (did you see how I presented you with two evils—spend money every day or sweat!!!!!) In all seriousness, there's nothing more satisfying about working out and I'll keep saying this until we all run into each other at the gym. Grabbing a cup of coffee or heading to the gym may seem like small things, but if you include them into your routine—school or no school, work or no work—you kind of have a built in structure without even realizing it.

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In conclusion, I NEED STRUCTURE! If I don't have it I literally go insane. These are some ways I keep my head on my shoulders so I hope this helps some of you too! What are some ways you keep sane?