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How to get out of a funk!


How to get out of a funk!

Caitlin Rance

jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee
                            Illustration by Uinverso

                            Illustration by Uinverso

jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee

Growing up is strange, and during it you may experiences bouts of self-doubt, sadness, confusion, loneliness & FUNKINESS.


One thing I keep finding myself asking people—whether it be through interviews or just casual conversation—is what they do when they find themselves in a funk? How do they get out of it? Do they also feel like it's the end of the world when they're in a funk? (Cause I sometimes do!)

 It's interesting to hear everyones perspective when approaching moments like this—because we all experience them–and their coping mechanisms. What I've learned is how normal feeling sad and confused and just burn out it is, and also how we can combat these moments through healthy and long term ways.

 When we find ourselves in these funk, it seriously feels like this is how life will be for eternity, and if you don't know how to cope with these overwhelming feelings, you can end up using harmful tactics to occupy that weird time (whether it be an hour or a week, or longer!)

Here's a list of things that you can do when you find yourself in a funk!

jeans & a tee
  1. Make your bed in the morning! I know it seems silly or even a little bit of a chore, but you'd be surprised how therapeutic it can be, and also how much it sort of kick starts your day. It also helps to do this if you happen to be at home all day. Making your bed freshens up your space and actually helps to relieve your mind of some stress + anxiety. 
  2. Open up Spotify and play your discover weekly! There's nothing better than listening to new music and discovering amazing songs to play over and over again. If you're not digging your discover weekly, check out some of these artists that brighten up my day when I listen to them: Rex Orange County, Hippo Campus, Beach Fossils
  3. Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. It doesn't have to be a huge glass either. Remember, you've been asleep for so long and haven't even had a sip of water in between those 6-8 hours! Here are some quick facts about drink water in the AM: water boosts your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins and  gives your brain the fuel it needs to kickstart the day.
  4. Find a notebook and start journaling. The first few days + maybe even weeks might be hard because it almost seems like a homework assignment. The easiest way to start journaling is to just talk about what you did that day, things that popped into your mind over the day, what you observed on a walk to class or work, etc! I like to journal at the end of my day because I feel like I have a lot to talk about once my day is over, but find a time that works best for you and just do it. Journaling is probably one of the best ways to ease an active mind because you're taking out all that talk and putting it down somewhere that you can close and return to whenever you want! Hey, maybe you'll discover your passion for writing, story telling, poetry—WHO KNOWS!
  5. Exercise! I know I know, it's not for everyone buuuuuuuut IT WORKS! Exercising is seriously the best thing ever and if you don't do it at the moment, you're seriously missing out. I'm a fairly anxious person and get stressed out a whole lot, but at the end of the day when I go for a run on the treadmill, blasting music, and basically shutting myself off from the real world I feel so fucking good. Of course, you don't need to run or do any major cardio. There are so many things you can do from the comfort of your home or at your local gym. Try out yoga (I love hot yoga), a dance class, boxing—the world is your oyster. 
  6. Get out of the house! If you tend to be more of a home dweller, that is if you live at home or work from home, find ways to get yourself out! I know for me, I love working in my room. I can look as ugly as I want and no one can say anything, plus it's quiet! With that being said though, it doesn't hurt to work in your local coffee shop or library 2 times a week, or even go for a walk and explore a new part of your town/city/area. If you live in a somewhat major city, there might even be places specifically for people who work remotely. They're super cool, play awesome music, attract interesting people, and have the best food. I worked at this one last Summer in Brooklyn
  7. Do something that doesn't involve social media. Do you check your phone as soon as you wake up or repeatedly throughout the day? This is one of my bad habits and I've started to notice that when I have morning anxiety or find myself in a weird funk, nothing makes it worse than grabbing my phone to mindlessly scroll. Instead, try reading a chapter or two of a book, journaling, meditating or even drawing! Youtube has some amazing and FREE meditation videos that are specific to your needs—try one out! Something I've recently been doing is listening to music or a podcast and just doodling in my sketchbook, it's seriously so therapeutic and sort of gives me a break to mellow out and just be. Getting yourself to do something that doesn't involve social media or stressing yourself out allows your mind to float off and do whatever it wants.
  8. Self Care! There's seriously nothing better than just taking some time to take extra care of yourself. Especially in the time we're living in, it's so easy to be so mean and negative to ourselves. I'm a huge fan of taking baths (and I mean lighting candles, putting on music, and just soaking.) I also love painting my nails with cheap nail polish I'll find at random discount stores, putting a hair mask in and watching a movie. I think if you happen to be someone who constantly feels like they need to be doing something and can never fully relax, this is definitely something you should do. 
  9. Let yourself feel just a little nostalgic. When I do find myself feeling sad, I look back at all the amazing fun memories I've had. Like seriously the most cliche maybe even sometimes cringe  moments when you were in the car with your friends doing a late night fast-food run blasting throwbacks and singing at the top of your lungs, or just laughing so hard you almost pee yourself with your friend in your room. I look back at times like those and remind myself there are 100000 more of those times ahead and that the way im feeling right now is only temporary! I know feeling nostalgic can sometimes be a little toxic but when I am feeling nostalgic (which is more than id like to admit) I do remember times when I wasn't feeling so great and I still had some of the best times. There are always going to be rough patches, but there's always something good right around the corner. 
  10. When in doubt, start something new! This can be anything wether it be an art project, starting a blog just anything that you've been thinking about doing for a while. Sometimes I feel like my weird funks come from wanting to do something but wasting all this time laying in bed or watching videos and I get really upset and just defeated. BUuUuUt some of my best projects (including this blog) have come out of just feeling confused and lost and needing to express it in some way. Maybe for you that means writing a book, painting, making videos, helping others, making music—seriously anything.
  11. Just to let the funk be. Sometimes the one thing you need to let yourself do when you're in a funk is just to let the funk be. I really work myself up over things that really don't matter that much, and in the end I find myself in these defeated moods. Sometimes what you really need to do is simmer in your own confusion and sadness and just be. While I've created some amazing things from motivating myself out of the funk, I've also learned a lot from just experience the emotions I'm feeling, which also leads me to this: Sometimes, more than often while we're in this tender age, overwhelming feelings will hit you when you least expect it, and it's important to experience them because they're normal and a part of growing up and just life in general. However, if you do feel the motivation/need/want to get out of a funk there are a lot of ways to get out of it!
jeans & a tee

Here are what people do to get out of a funk!

I just stop trying to pressure myself to create because nothing good comes out of that, especially with art. So I do other things to free my mind. Reading is one of them. And also accepting that I don’t have to be inspired or motivated the whole time, I just have to remember that I love what I do but that as a human, my brain needs a break and that’s something that a lot people should think of too.
— Andrea Lux from her Cool Girl interview @andrea.lux
Dancing/movin/groovin. I feel so exhilarated when my body’s strength is able to help me out emotionally. I also think that being social even during times you don’t want to can bring a lot out of a person.
— Haley Dennis from her Cool Girl interview @haleydennis
Technology breaks are very vital to me.
— Dannah Gottlieb from her Cool Girl interview
As of late and recognizing that my practice (of self care) can evolve, I look more to reading articles and cooking. Essentially like alone time.
— Kyra Peterson @kyrapeterson
I go buy a nice pair of jeans and go out to eat by myself haha - it’s liberating!
— Madelynn del la Rosa from her Cool Girl interview @madewin
Whenever I’m in a funk, I almost get more frustrated realizing it’s a funk and believing there’s nothing I can do to change it. But Anything is possible ladies!! My go to is getting myself back into a routine. When all I want to do is stay home and lay in bed, it only adds to my stress and feelings. The best way to move on is to be active and face it head on. Although it’s difficult at first, soon you will be so invested in your routine and so busy that your funk slowly disappears each day until you feel like your self again! Also knowing you’ve felt like this before and odds are you will feel like this again at some point, but you manage to work through it every time, making this time no different. Confront it head on and don’t let it overpower you!
— Stephanie Mcmillan @stephaniemcmillan
I do a load of laundry, make myself a healthy meal, and engage in something that I think I’ll find inspiration from. Watch youtube videos, a movie or just get out a piece of paper and write everything that goes through my mind. It usually happens if I give it some time and stop worrying about when I’ll get out of the funk
— Jen Clay @jentlegiant
I have a notebook where I collect quotes that make me smile. When I’m in a funk n need inspiration I’ll revisit the quotes and drink a cup of coffee, take some deep breaths and remind myself that every day is a gift.
— Emma Sue @ohemmasue