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Caitlin Rance

It's no shocker I'm YouTube obsessed. If you spend any time with me you'll hear the words, "Have you seen this YouTube video?" at least 5 times during our hang sesh. In other cases however, If I have the option to go out or watch a new vlog, I'm gonna watch the vlog (sorry.) As you can see I have an undying love. If you love YouTube as much as me, or are a Youtube virgin, check out some of these people!


Casey Neistat: The ultimate king of Vlogs (Seriously) uploads everyday, lives in NYC, and is friends with basically every famous person ever. What's not to love?

Ben Brown: The original adventurer, lives both in London and South Africa. Every time I watch one of his vlogs I'm inspired to travel the world. Ben also tends to upload everyday so you'll always have a new vlog to watch.

Everyday Estée: A Canadian living her life in London, accompanied with her insanely cool boyfriend Aslan and their dog Reggie. Some of the best humor, easily the best binge worth vlogs.

HRH COLLECTION: The most ridiculous LA vlogs by a jewelry designer named Alex (you'll die)

Jamie and Nikki: Recently new parents based in Australia! if you love vlogs you'll love them.

More Zoella: If you're familiar with the popular beauty guru Zoella, you'll love her vlogs. They always happen to be 20+ minutes long so its like watching a tv episode.

The Michalaks: Another family vlogging team based in London!

annaleeandjesse: One of the coolest couples based in LA. Catch them eating the best ramen!!


Chloe Morello: AMAZING TUTORIALS! Plus you'll get a couple laughs out of it

Claire Marshall: Coolest chick ever with the best tutorials. She's also a vlogger!

Monika Blunder: Recreates amazing red carpet looks and has guests sometimes!


Pixiwoo: This sister duo make the best recreation looks. They also have their own line of makeup brushes.


Clothesencounters: Based in LA, Jen showcases the coolest looks which are very much street style esque! Jen always has the best advice videos, look books, and favorites.

British Vogue: The best short videos ever. If you love fashion you'll love British Vogue

Nylon Video: All different videos, on beauty, the cover stars, beauty, gifts, advice and more!

Vogue: Same as the British vogue channel just without the cool accents! What's not to love! 

Rachel Nguyen: Seriously the female Wes Anderson! Some of the best filmed videos ever! Also check out her Cool Girl of the Week Interview here!

VAGABOND YOUTH: Super cool fashion looks & street style. (Always a good haul)


Andrew Lowe: Theres nothing I can say to describe Andrew. Watch one video and you'll understand.

thatsojack: Super funny guy and makes the best story time videos! If you're a directioner you'll definitely want to check out his video on him meeting Harry Styles.

loanthony: The funniest videos on the oddest topics. You'll 100% laugh.

Gigi Gorgeous: BEST STORY TIME VIDEOS. Sometimes I wonder if Gigi is real.  

Adrian Bliss: The best sarcastic humor you'll ever see. Makes fun of every vlogger.

ayydubs: Has some amazing series videos including my favorite, the Tinder dating series. 


Cartia Mallan: Some of the best festival vlogs EVER! Carter also covers fashion, beauty, and sit down videos and your life 100% will change forever but in the best possible way.

Wild Daze: The most amazing human being with the sickest style. Probably one of my favorite YouTubers at the moment. Mika has the best hauls, lookbook, and sit down videos you'll ever watch. Also will 100% change your life.

Nydia: Amazing videos that cover everything! The videos have this super nostalgic feeling and you'll want to binge watch everything. Check out her Cool Girl of the Week interview here!

Sonya Esman: Amazing blogger and even better YouTuber. Covers everything on her channel! Fun fact: I delivered her macaroons when I interned in NYC!

Sunbeamsjess: The coolest haul videos ever! Does amazing Q&A's as well! Just an over all relatable girl.

The Messy Heads: Amazing blog and an amazing channel! Lot's of short and sweet videos that'll get those creative juices flowing. Check out Emma's (member of The Messy Heads)  Cool Girl of the Week interview here!

Maddi Bragg: Awesome fashion, beauty, & Q&A's. LA based!

Estée Lalonde: High key obsessed with Estée! The Canadian living in London YouTuber makes some of the best makeup, fashion, sit-down talks, and more!