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Caitlin Rance

I've never really been a HUGE TV show fanatic. Okay that's a lie, I was one when Lizzie McGuire was a thing but other than that I've never been one to consistently keep up with a show. My attention span is short and yes I'm one of those screen multi-taskers. 

Now this is where I rebut my argument and introduce you to the new love in my life: VINYL 

Vinyl is a show created by Mick Jagger & Martin Scorsese, so you know it's a good one. 

While this show is mainly about Mr. Finestra, it also follows the lives of his wife Devon, played by Olivia Wilde, A&R assistant Jamie, Zak Yankovich played by Ray Romano (that's right folks he's back and better than ever baby) and many others! 

Another amazing component of this show are the clothes. Holy guacamole are the clothes INSANE! If you're a fan of fashion, which I hope you are, you could watch this show just for that alone. If you know the costume director please put me in touch with them. 

The show mainly takes place in New York City during the 70's, and follows record man Richie Finestra. Mr. Finestra is in the process of resurrecting his record label American Century and of course while doing that, shit hits the fan almost constantly. 

Oh and another thing, if you're a fan of legends like Bowie, Warhol, Reed, Lennon, Cooper, & many more, WATCH THIS SHOW BECAUSE THEY ALL MAKE AN APPEARANCE AND IT'S CRAZY!

You can check out Vinyl here: VINYL